Could some IAP go on sale?

I remembered that when I bought IF it was on sale at that time. So is it possible that IF might have a sale on some stuff like the 787 sometime in the future?
(I know people were complaining about the price and I’m ok buying the stuff as it is right now but I’m just wondering. Sorry if I annoy the devs or anyone about price)

FDS has done sales in the past. I’m sure they’ll continue doing it, we’ll just have to wait for the next one.

Is it possible like there’s a Christmas sale or something that happens like that on IF?

Most likely to have a sale during Christmas or the New Year.

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If I recall correctly, last year there was a sale around Christmas time.

So it’ll most likely occur again this year right?

I can’t say yes, but let’s hope it does. :)


Yes, “most likely”.

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