Could Pan Am be resurrected?

Since a few “dead” airlines have been brought back recently I though it would be nice to hear what the community think. Could Pan Am be brought back from the dead or is it just to complicated since apparently another company owns the logo and name now.

  • Yes they sure could
  • No, I don’t think so.

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You said it yourself. But still, it would need a but ton of work to get it back honestly.

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They probably could if they really wanted and tried really hard.

However, my opinion is that right now the airline market is almost entirely saturated with enough airlines, that unless the ‘New’ Pan Am does something incredibly special to draw customers, they will be dead in the water within a short amount of time.

Which “dead” airlines?

They would most likely have to change their buissness model, and really change everything about their airline. I don’t see this happening.

NIKI and Air Belgium are a few of them.


I got two in mind. NIKI and Air Belgium

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It brought me to a page where it said that services have been terminated.

Yep, it appears they were maybe resurrected but have now shut down again, I’m not too sure.

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Ive heard Eastern is back too.


It’s back but they’re not what they used to be; they are still trying to make profit to in turn build the airline back up.

Eastern actually went out of business again in October of 2016.


I always liked EAL livery. NO paint, just nicely polished aluminum.

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They recently got bought by Niki Lauda again and will probably fly again but not as NIKI

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I literally looked at their website and made an assumption, I didn’t really know anything about it haha

They still exist; after the failed attempt at purchasing Northwest, the company went bankrupt and exists today as a flight training company.

If they were to bring it back, they would have to be relying on their previous clientele from the 20th century (Basically our parents and grand-parents) to remember Pan Am from that time and give the new one a try. I bet the average millennial from today’s generation has not even heard of Pan American…

Isn’t Pan Am back, but as a charter company?

Not in active operation as far as I can tell. The name has been used by several other companies, but all have since ceased operation.

The original naming rights and intellectual property related to them are owned by a rail company if I’m not mistaken and I believe the only place to find the blue meatball is on the side of a boxcar.

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