Could not tune back in with approach ATC

Just accidentally tuned out of approach while in hold at HAAB and couldn’t tune back in. Decided to divert to another airport.

Did you accidentally exit the app and then opened it again? Did you fly away from the airport? What did you do?

Try flying back toward the airport. You are most likely too far away from the airport to even contact approach.

It may be the case you were too far away from the airport resulting in you not being able to reconnect as you aren’t in range.

I didn’t exit the app, I was on an approach pattern with a load of other aircraft, maybe I’d gone a touch too far. But I was in range for them to give me a vector a few moments before.

If you tap on the airport dot and go to the frequencies page, there should be a “Tune” button you can press that should connect you to the Approach frequency when in range.


But if I was out of range how could they communicate with me to tell me I’m in an active airspace contact approach?

Just ignore him until you get back in range. IDK if ATC can ghost you if you are not tuned to his frequency.