Could London Southend Airport be the new Stansted?

Hey everyone,

Many people may have heard about London Southend airport. It’s a very small airport in Essex.
It is growing at a lightning pace. They are investing just under £200m to expand the terminal and provide new services for passengers.
This airport is located away from the congested airspace of Heathrow and Gatwick so… is it the next big up and coming London airport?! More choice can’t be bad can it?

  • Great opportunity to reduce prices
  • No, bah humbug London has too many airports!

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Wow, the real question is, when will they be the next heathrow? 😜

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highly highly unlikely :p it is not located correctly to be a massive hub like heathrow.

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Ohh, I see .

ive read that there is a grade 1 historic listed church with protected status just before the runway and it is causing problems for expansion so they are unlikely to every have 100% of their runway capacity permitted to be utilised.

Lack of space huh…

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That’s the problem with all the London airports.


Probably would be a large displaced threshold

I’ve flown from there. Get’s very little traffic per day compared to Stansted, so no.

This would be Londons 6th main airport. What’s the need? We have already got a congested airspace from the south east

Stansted is not used enough IMO, it’s brilliantly designed and very efficient as an airport. If I was an airline boss I wouldn’t think twice about going.

Southend is too far out of London, and it’s useless expanding it, surely airlines should just use Stansted?


Well people used to say the same thing about stansted now with Rail network improvements and terminal size improvements SOuthend seems like more of an option.

It is out of the way of congested airspace :) and nearly all of our airports are at 100% capacity.

What I am trying to say is that in the future it could be a different situation the weekly routes will increase by 30 next year and potentially by more why knows.

According to me Gatwick and Stansted should be upgraded so Heathrow will packed with Virgin and British and all Schengen Airlines will operate to Stansted and Other International airlines will operate to Gatwick

lol Stansted is banned from Runaway expansion but Gatwick may expand :p

I don’t wanna see another Heathrow expansion!

London DOES have a lot of airports


This annoys me so much. All the money for airports is being invested in london Airports and airports further to the north of the UK which is great if you live near but for someone like me who lives 4+ hours away it’s completely useless.

There is no lack of airport capacity north of London though.