Could JetBlue Join Star Alliance?

I’ve been thinking about this for the past few days and I’d like to know what you all think about this.


Could JetBlue join Star Alliance?


If you don’t know what Star Alliance is, it’s the world’s largest airline alliance with 26 full members.

Alaska Airlines + American Airlines Powerhouse

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Basically I began thinking about this after last week’s huge news regarding the “Alaska Airlines joins Oneworld” stuff.

American Airlines and Alaska are strengthening their partnership. Alaska Airlines considers itself the “Most West Coast” airline. By joining Oneworld, it’s expanding American Airlines and other Oneworld members’ presence on the west coast, which is where American Airlines is the weakest.

American Airlines bases:


As you can see, they’ve got this gaping hole in the Northwest United States.

Alaska Airlines bases:


Basically nothing past the west coast…

Now, If you combine Alaska Airlines and American Airlines’ bases you get something like this:


(Excluded ANC).

As you can see, the two airlines have essentially covered all the important locations in the United States. American Airlines now has a new international gateway in Seattle (INSANE: American Airlines Announces SEATTLE To BANGALORE & LONDON) and Alaska Airlines has American Airlines operating the central/east coast flights.

If I’m right, this partnership is a true powerhouse as the entire United States will be connected like never before. I believe this is possibly the most domestically connected the United States has ever been with an airline partnership.

JetBlue + United Airlines Potential


Now… keeping this in mind, what if JetBlue joins Star Alliance and begins a partnership with United Airlines?

United Airlines completely pulled out of New York JFK (one of JetBlue’s hubs) in 2015 and consolidated itself to Newark Liberty with some operations at New York LaGuardia.

However, United regrets that decision. From United Airlines President Scott Kirby:

“I wish I could roll back the clock and change the decision, It was the wrong decision. You can probably personally blame me, at least to some degree, for the fact that United pulled out, When I was at American Airlines, we were consciously trying to push United out of JFK. That was our goal”

Now, United Airlines has been looking at returning to New York JFK, but what if they don’t necessarily have to with their own aircraft?

I haven’t exactly checked on how JFK’s slots work, but I’m assuming the city awards carriers the slots? And you can’t transfer them to other airlines? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyways, look at United Airlines’ United States hubs:


There’s a major hole in the southeast United States, right over Florida.

JetBlue’s hubs:


Now, both of their hubs combined:


Now United has the heart of Florida covered with Orlando and Fort Lauderdale along with New York JFK with JetBlue.

In addition to this, JetBlue also has interline agreements and codeshares with a bunch of airlines:

According to the Wiki:

Bolded ones are a member of Star Alliance

Aer Lingus
Air China
Air India
All Nippon Airways
Asiana Airlines
Azul Brazilian Airlines
El Al
Etihad Airways
Japan Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
Hainan Airlines
Korean Air
Porter Airlines
South African Airways
Singapore Airlines
TAP Air Portugal
Turkish Airlines

Note this list might be a a bit inaccurate. For what it’s worth, if these airlines are no longer codesharing/partnering with JetBlue, they did so in recent times.

As you can see, JetBlue partners with a bunch of Star Alliance members, making it seem likely this will be the alliance they go for if they choose to join any of the major alliances.

With American Airlines joining forces with Alaska to fight a war against Delta, maybe United feels left out and could partner with JetBlue to create a seriously connected network.

What about Delta Air Lines?

Well, they’re kinda screwed?

With American taking Alaska, they’re fighting Delta in Seattle.
If United takes JetBlue, United is boosting JetBlue’s network to fight Delta in New York JFK AND Boston.

American Airlines is already dumping capacity into Boston anyway, so imagine if United Airlines were to enter the market with its own capacity…

There really aren’t any major options left for Delta in the United States, and I can’t really see them partnering with airlines like Southwest, Spirit, or Frontier. (Hawaiian Airlines, anyone? 🤔)

If anything, Delta will likely continue to upgauge its Miami presence to boost its new partner LATAM’s flights from Latin/South America.


So that’s basically a wall of text, idk if you actually read it but I hope you enjoyed. This post’s purpose was more or less to get my thoughts organized for other stuff.

If you want the “too long didn’t read” version, here it is:

Alaska partners with American Airlines and joins Oneworld, meaning Oneworld will be the only alliance with 2 U.S. airlines. As a result, they’re creating a powerful U.S. network.
JetBlue already partners with a bunch of Star Alliance members, so they could join Star Alliance and even partner with United Airlines to compliment United Airlines’ network weaknesses.

Do you think JetBlue will join Star Alliance?

Whatever you vote for, let me know your thoughts on why you chose what you voted for.

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Delta + Southwest lololol

…unless? 👀


Honestly if that happens… I don’t even know what to say.

If that happens, SJC is going to have a big boost! 😃

But United and JetBlue? I don’t really see that happening because for one, JetBlue is still low cost. And right now, they are just working on adding codeshares. Joining an alliance could be a little bit too much for them right now


I think that JB joining star alliance would be great for everyone involved.
But i also think it would be smarter for United to pull an Alaska airlines 2018 and just buy Jetblue and merge with them.

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Dont think they need to join the star alliance because they have very good code shares that connects their passengers onwards.

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Personally, I don’t see this happening. JetBlue has already earned a reputation with being the main carrier of many states as their primary customer, which then defeat the purpose of being in an alliance as you have the monopoly and more than enough codeshares.


Ooooh, I would honestly love that to happen. Right now, United doesn’t have flights to New York which creates issues when flying to some places. If JetBlue joins, I think it’d be pretty cool as the gap there would be filled as well! I think it could happen, despite other’s opinions, and I think United would initiate it. They do have a large role in Star Alliance as one of the founders, so it’s possible.

JetBlue already has flights to San Francisco from multiple destinations (all their hubs.) They also have Mint service to San Francisco, along with Los Angeles. It’s quite possinle, but I think it won’t happen for around another year.

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In terms of service, and the way they are customer oriented, I would personally like Delta and JetBlue to join forces. They are both very closely aligned in customer experience, and I think they would work mighty well together!


Check your DM’s Bert.

Also, unless UA buys B6-I don’t see *A

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Unless Neeleman wants to get his gang together, with Azul and Tap, I don’t see B6 joining Star as an independent member.
A United hookup might be in the future, but then again people claimed UA and US Airways would merge, and that never happened.
B6 would give UA the upper hand in Boston, and Fort Lauderdale, but would fragment the NY market between 3 airports.
Oddly enough I could see NK+B6 having a chance.
Strengthen the Latin America/Florida/Northeast markets, while giving B6 bases in ACY DFW DTW LAS ORD, couple hundred A32Xs and 2000 or so pilots.
And the NK fleet could get the B6 interior as they go in for interior mods for what should’ve been the new Nk interior.

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Lol nope. Espessially not Hawaiian. Hawaiian codeshares with all of the big three because none of the big three have Intra-Island flights. If Hawaiian chooses one, they’re only going to cut their codeshare potential by two thirds.

If anything, I can see United strengthening their ties with Frontier. Their Denver hubs are both massive and I can really see them working together possibly to allow Frontier domestic to United international kind of flights.

The thing with airlines like JetBlue, if they choose one alliance, you yourself showed how much roots they have in all of the main alliances, they are going to do nothing but isolate themselves from the other two big alliances. Not smart on their part.

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I like the possibility of a SkyTeam HA.

I’m hella down to see this. Maybe if we are lucky they might launch an A220 to GJT from BOS or JFK

I believe southwest airlines is next

Please no! United is terrible and jetBlue is too good to join America’s worst mainline carrier. Delta and jetBlue should join. They would DOMINATE Boston. Personally I would be fine with jetBlue staying alone.

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I think they should join up. That way I won’t have to fly United in the US domestically, and I could still earn miles flying a better airline.

United really isn’t that bad, better than AA by any measure.


Well, I feel like United would ruin plans for JetBlue’s transatlantic Mint. Plus jetBlue is all about humanity, while United is about profit. How will two airlines with VERY different philosophies codeshare???

Not true at all. UA and AA have the same cabin type and the flight attendants in American were soooo nice. The pilots were even nicer, letting me touch all the controls! Plus AA doesn’t drag passengers.