Could It Be?!

Does this mean anything? Could it be?


I wouldnt bet on it. Can just be them expressing a bit of love for it.


It could. It also could not. Posting a photo on Instagram doesn’t mean work on it has stated or even planned. It’s just a great photo! :)


Nah, this was reposting EAA’s post, signifying that they liked it and wanted to show it off to more people. Probably means nothing.

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Concorde? 🥺

nope, i refuse to believe.

Ah, makes sense


Would be amazing to fly the Concorde in Infinite Flight.

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Doubt it probably just a general question, nothing major.


Adding on, here is a statement from Jason Rosewell a little over a year ago on the Concord.

“One of our top requests as you can see from the stats is the legendary Concorde. We are aware of this airplane’s iconic place in aviation history and we know it would indeed be an interesting and challenging addition to Infinite Flight. However, we develop all of our aircraft in-house. Due to the sheer number of developer and 3D artist hours that would be required to build the Concorde at the level of detail you have come to expect from us, we have removed this aircraft from consideration for the time being.

This wasn’t an easy decision for us since we understand it’s highly requested. To give a bit of context here, part of our in-house discussion was around the complexity of the back aircraft engineer panel. We can all agree that a static image of the panel wouldn’t be up to current standards. The next step is to decide what instruments are functional and here is the important part: even if they don’t move, they still have to be modeled, named, and mapped. All of this takes a lot of time, and we’re at a level now where we won’t be shipping low-resolution textures. Concorde may make an appearance in the future, but for now, we’re putting this feature request on pause. We will close the feature request so that votes can be used on other features. If in the future we feel our aircraft process is at a point where Concorde is feasible, we will reopen.”



I doubt it. If they would e seeing that if people want an aircraft, it would most likely be a poll… The aircraft most likely coming after the 777-300ER is the A380.

Don’t get your hopes too high folks.

Yeah, no. The team has stated that they will finish the 777 family rework first, so the 777-200F and 777-200LR would be next (in no particular order).

There’s also no confirmation that the A380 will be the next reworked aircraft.

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Absolutely not and personally I don’t want to see it come.
I just imagine the amount of them flying in the server and people abusing the heck out of it.

I hope not, the Concorde would ruin IF imo


No special meaning. It’s just such an unbelievably stunning picture. It’s so cool. What a beautiful airplane. 😍