Could it be possible to add an are you sure button after you click on post?

It has happened to me some times, when I accidentally click on publish when something is not done 😂


Why would we need this?

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I thought that’s what the edit button is for. Just put in an editing placeholder and edit to your heart’s content.


Maybe something like: “Are you sure you want to post this? Are you sure it makes sense to anyone other than yourself? Are you sure it isn’t completely worthless? Are you sure you aren’t an idiot?”


Maybe not calling me an idiot will be better next time

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You misunderstood his post, he wasn’t calling you an idiot.

He was making a joke about what the “Are you sure” slide would say by showing ridiculousness of it


he could disagree with other ways, like the two people above his comment who were civil

He was regarding a joke and not regarding you. He said “Are you sure you don’t want to be an idiot an post this topic”.

that’s not in his post i don’t know why are you quoting this

It’s not what he said but what he implied.

You are taking it it literally. He wasn’t aiming it directly at YOU He was just saying it in general to EVERYONE.

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I’m done with his topic, I’ve made a small question and some* thought that this will be the end of the world

Happened to me a lot, needed!

I clicked the I’m sure I want this closed button.