Could it be Concorde?

Note: This is just a reasonable guess

Credits: 19.1 Status & General Updates

Could this aircraft be Concorde? If I remember correctly, I’ve read a post saying that the production of Concorde for Infinite Flight has been postponed because of its complexity.

Tell me what you think guys.

More evidence on why it might be Concorde: Concorde isn't confirmed


I would rather wait for an official announcement by the developers.


The dev team have plenty of exciting stuff planned and when they’re ready to announce what they are they will. Let’s try and avoid speculation as that will only lead to negative comments which we don’t want ruining the great community we have.

You can add some of these thoughts to the Concorde feature request thread, Concorde


I’m just saying that it might be a reasonable guess.


It could be the Concorde. Or it could be the rework of the C172. Or everything else one can imagine.

I’m sure on of the reasons why they don’t announce the planes anymore is that they don’t want to be under pressure in releasing it or cancel it if something doesn’t work and therefore disappointing their users.

We’ll have to wait. And maybe even drink a cup of tea in the meantime.

I don’t understand that this is a reasonable guess…

There’s literally no evidence other than there is an aircraft in development, how else would you speculate that it would be the Concorde? There are really limitless possibilities of which plane and there’s no evidence leaning against or towards either a commercial or GA plane.

Concorde, GA aircraft, A350, (helicopter??,) it could be pretty much anything. These may even simply be reworks of existing aircraft, who knows.