Could I use Discord on a VFR groupflight?

Haven’t seen any topics discussing this, so here I go.

I’ve thought about hosting a groupflight and wondered how a VFR flight would go and if I could use Discord to manage it, does anyone have an explanation? If so, thanks!

You could, yes. Don’t see any problem with it. Although, Slack is better (much more organized, personal preference.)

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I think using discord to communicate would be a great idea! I once did a group flight, and we used IFC to communicate, and it made it all the better.

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Hmm, I’ll look into Slack in a moment, I’ve seen it referenced in VA/VOs and their events.

While advertising your server isn’t allowed, you could just get some of your friends and talk on discord. There shouldn’t be a problem. Just don’t advertise it publicly, you could send it to some of your friends though. Slack wouldn’t be of much use because I’m guessing you would like to voice chat.

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Yeah I have voice chat in mind, I find it much quicker than text (and assume it’d work much better when doing VFR). I’ll probably put up a groupflight post and send the discord link in a PM, thanks!

Do you think it’s allowed to “host” Discord ATC on casual server for a group of friends? I think that I’ve read you can’t (against the rules), but I just wanted to check. Thanks!

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I’m not too sure, but I see nothing wrong with it. It’d be pretty nice during a groupflight as well!

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With a group of friends, yeah, definitely. But you can’t say anything about it publicly as it can’t be moderated.


You can use whatever you want. For events on the IFC you need to follow the IFC guidelines on discord/voice links.


Thanks for the info, much appreciated! You can close this now.

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