Could I use Airport design editor of FSX for airport editing?

Can i use airport designer editor for fsx instead of using world Devolper for x plane? To edit and work on airports for IF?

Ask @carmalonso I don’t think so though.

Should be possible if that program is able to import & export .dat files

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Not possible at this time.


Didn’t want to make new topic, so can I use X-plane 9 for airport editing, as I don’t have enough to run X-plane 10, but I really wanna participate in airport editing. @Cameron

Yes, X-Plane 9 works perfectly fine. :)

Thank you for answer, as soon as I will get my PC working after catching virus, I will apply for airport editing :)

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You don’t have to “run” X-Plane 10. As soon as you download it, you really only need to keep the “Custom Scenery” folder. Everything else (including the actual X-Plane 10 application) can be deleted.


But the problem is that, that I want to use “Demo” one, but installed comes up with error, as it detects that my video card is not strong enough. So basically I am not able to install X-plane 10, that’s what holds me back from airport editing. But if X-plane 9 can be use, too, as soon as I will got my PC back to life, I will join editing team 😊