Could I please have some... Motivation?

Hey IFC,

I have a really strong love for passenger aircraft and would love to be a pilot someday but lately I have been feeling a bit “odd” and would love some motivation to remind me why I love planes and why they are so “great”. I really don’t like feeling the way I do right now and want it to stop because I truly do love aviation, I’m just not feeling it.

If anyone has ever felt this way or has something to say which may help, please write it in the comments below.

Thanks everyone, happy flying


They are one of the only (if not the only) manmade objects that can fly. And, you have the opportunity of making those million dollar(s) objects fly. It’s unique and one of a kind. Not many people in this world have the skills or resources to do so, and to make it a successful career makes it ever so precious. So, cherish it.

If that’s not motivating, I think you should rethink your ambitions and your passions. Perhaps step back, take a look in the mirror, and think.


Sometimes if you’re not feeling it, maybe you just need a little break. And when you come back after a day or two, you feel that same motivations as you once had! :)


The feeling of flight is like no other. The experiential lifting off the runway and going to the realm of the birds is something like nothing else. Airplanes allow you to fly like a bird, to be able to help others, and to be able to do so much. The aviation world is full of amazing people that are ready to help at any step of the way.


Okay thanks everyone. I think I will follow what @AviationFreak said and have a short break from infinite flight and the community. @Butter_Boi Thanks for reminding me about the feeling of flight and how it is like no other and thanks @Thunderbolt for reminding me of the joy and absolute beauty of being able to control an aircraft.


If you don’t feel as excited then that’s not an issue. You don’t want to push yourself into something you have lost interest in. It’s not healthy at all, there are lots of other things one can be interested in.

As @Chatta290 said, Try not to do it everyday. That’s how people lose interest (some). I try to make myself fly like every other day. It’s good to take a break every once in a while.

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It’s okay to feel less motivated sometimes… But not always… Well whenever I feel that, I just watch some YouTube videos and after looking at the aircrafts taking off and landing or any video like appraoch into an airport by the present day pilots just makes me feel I wanna fly. And also like @Chatta290 and @PilotChrisSG have mentioned above don’t do it everyday (But I do)… Maybe it just happens to a very few people… Not saying it’s wrong… But sometimes everyone goes through a hard stage in life… And it’s natural :)


You should branch out a bit more from just what our resident old man Maxmustang likes to call “trash haulers”, I recommend checking out some of the more adventurous Youtubers like Trent Palmer, who take a much more wild approach to flying. Every video of his is like an adventure!

Also explore some of the benefits general aviation can bring you! The freedom to go anywhere is such an awesome draw for me! I like watching Videos by Nikos Wings, although a lot of his travels are business related, his videos still show off the awesome side of flying.

Tldr: Branch out, explore other sectors of the aviation industry.


Watch either Top Gun orSully. You’ll get an instant sense of motivation.😂


Though this is counterintuitive to what you’re asking, sometimes it is better to take a break from what you know you love so that when you come back, you will appreciate it even more. I’ve been down the path you have and this is one of the best coping methods I have ever come across.


This is a great thread plus there are several more linked to it, take a scroll.


Maybe this will help 😉


Remember what made you so interested in aviation in the first place. Also, take a week break from the IFC, Infinite Flight, and really anything in aviation. Then come back, do a flight in the IFATC controlled region, and hopefully you will regain that passion :)

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Thanks everyone for responses. I mentioned earlier that I would take a break but I didn’t really… (mostly because I wanted to hear what other had to say). I’m really grateful for every response posted, they have all helped my a lot.
You probably wont hear from me for a while as I take this break for real this time but I’d like to let you all know though that I do feel better and every now and then get reminded of my passion so thank you everyone, all responses have been greatly appreciated and very helpful.

Watch a lot of aviation videos,trip report ,Ultimate Airport Dubai,Britain’s Busiest Airport,Behind the Cockpit Easyjet,Watch airplane documentaries.

Sometimes you feel like losing motivation but you wil always have it in.youre making as if im a real pilot on IF because it makes you feel like you can fly and do things pilots can a real game and that’s so cool make flight schedules for you’re self and I take 2 days of a week not flying and it gives me time to.miss flying on IF and its so much fun with the community❤

God bless you and everyone😊

Go and do some plane spotting! Hear the engines roar and smell the jetfuel.
That will get you motivated

Maybe try and fly some other kind of aircraft instead (GA, military, cargo).

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