Could I fly cross country one way with an Instructor?

Hey everyone, I have a question.

So, I’m not a Private Pilot, but I want to fly from Concord, NH to Berlin, NH

Here’s a scenario:
My parents have a friend up in Berlin, NH, so they occasionally travel up north, and it’s about a 2 hour drive. I decide to stay, but I then I get bored at home, so I think up of flying one way CON-BML.

Is it possible? I’d have to go with an instructor, but I only want to go one way (flying of course). I don’t mind if I pay the instructor to go back, since obviously he’d have to ferry the plane back.

Is this possible?

Give your local school a call and ask, they may charge a charter fee though. Just remember you can always do something with enough money.

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Yes, I’d basically rent the airplane to fly up there. Isn’t chartering Just renting the entire airplane?

you’re paying for crew and fuel along with the aircraft. Our Long Rangers we charge 1500$ which covers the aircraft and pilot. We require a minimum 4 hours. So you pay us for a minimum of 4 hours, and let’s say you need our Long Ranger for an hour.

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I see. Don’t you fly helicopters? I wonder how much for a C172

Give them a call and ask, we operate both rotor and fixed wing. Our fixed wing also run the same way we charge a minimum of 3 hours though.

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Thanks for the info @RotorGuy. I’ll give them a call sometime later

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Is it $1500 per hour, min 3 or 4 hrs…?

Guess that’s from base back to base so could be a pricey cross country flight.

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Our long rangers are a min of 4 hrs
Our fixed wing is 3 hours but much more expensive

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So a min 3 hr booking would be ( as an example only) about $4500?

It always amazes me to see how some people desperately want to make money out of every situation…

Find yourself a passioned CFI and tell him you’re willing to pay for the whole flight. He will be glad to do it.

Don’t waste 1500$ on a Cessna 172 flight. Especially when such a plane costs barely 130$ to operate hourly.

I called, apparently they don’t do charter from Concord airport in NH.

have you taken lessons before? If so, I’d call your current/former school and ask to do a cross country lesson with one of the instructors - then offer to pay the costs for the trip back to the point of origin. Don’t request a charter flight - request a lesson.

If you haven’t taken lessons before - I’d call the school and say you’re looking for an introductory flight to see if flying is for you. Ask to do the cross country, and again, offer to cover the costs of the return trip.

It’s all about how you sell the question. You should be able to find a school that is looking to sell some hours, and an instructor looking to build some hours.

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I have taken lessons (only two so far), and flying is so much fun!
I just never have the time to fly is all :(

Sure. You will have to pay for the planes hourly rate and the instructors. You might be able to work out a deal with him/her for their trip back. If I was desperate for flight time I wouldn’t charge you my time for the trio back. Easy money and flight time.


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