Could Boeing skip the MMA?!

At this point Boeing is at a big turning point. Costumers for the MMA, unofficially called the 797, are dwindling fast, and even if it was launched tomorrow would still be 5-6 years out. Meanwhile it’s current rival the A321XLR is available for purchase now, and should be arriving to a route near you in 2-3 years. The A321LR, and NEO serve a lot of the same functions, and are flying as we speak. Suffices to say Boeing may be behind the curve here a bit. So what if the 797 as we currently know it never comes? What then? We already know the 797 is back to the drawing board, so that’s just more delay at best. Boeing seriously risks loosing this one if they haven’t already. So what would Boeing cook up next then if the MMA isn’t on the table? A good guess would be a new small aircraft, the successor to the 737, and A320. We’ve all seen what has happened with the 737 being stressed well beyond what it’s original designers ever imagined, and I don’t just mean MCAS, the 737MAX while efficient is undoubtedly less effective than a completely new aircraft. And even though the A320 may be holding up better, it’s in no way a brand new bird, and there are certainly improvements to be made. What do you guys think? Here’s a video that explains all that, and some more, and sparked this idea in my head:


Boeing could skip it and be fine. For now the 737LR/NG and the 757 are doing fine.

Eh, I mean the 757 is perfect in its size, and that’s about it. It’s range is good too, but it’s a gas guzzler. If there was a true 1-1 replacement for it, airlines would eat that up. There’s still a market for that…

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There are some variants of more fuel efficent ones I am just saying for the immediate future. In the long run for sure they need a new more fuel effiecent ones. Some people even said putting chevrons on the 757 would work.

Bruh, airlines have been desperate for a replacement, and the closest thing it the A321NEO and XLR which is what many airlines have begun to order. There has been demand for a new aircraft for years already, Boeing is in trouble and its about time they put out a competitor because right now there is a gap in the market.


The 737LR will be fine while they make the new 797

Does this exist?

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Chevrons actually make the plane less efficient, but I suppose a re-engine could be good, but that would still require significant investment in a market that may not exist by then…

I believe so and the ER

And with some roumors that an A322 could be on the cards it’s looking more and more like airlines thirsts may be quenched, but any A322 would still be at least 3-4 years off, and may still not be perfect…


Wait no they don’t well they kinda do it is the Max

Aircraft do take 3-4 years to build like you said

An A322 would in theory just be one more fusilage segment, and maybe new engines, so quicker than something all new like the 797, but not tomorrow, I don’t know, this whole MMA thing is very complicated. Seems like both manufacturers thought they could reach up with there pre existing small aircraft, and airlines were like not quite, and now it’s all just a duel to see who pulls the trigger first…

Hate to nitpick but it’s NMA not MMA. That’s mixed martial arts.

I think they very well could skip the Boeing NMA.

Reason 1:
The 737 MAX was supposed to be a competitor to Airbus’ A321NEO and XLR and LR. Unfortunately it failed due to the fatal flaws. But it might make a comeback. If they manage to fix the thing and they make sure everything is correct, the midsize aircraft market will have a new and improved competitor. Another issue is that by the time this NMA is delivered to airlines, it may not be needed; the market may have shifted.

Reason 2:
Proposed plans for this NMA have spread rumors about the actual size of the aircraft in terms of seats. A majority of sources say somewhere in the 220-250 seat range… very close to the seating capacity of the 787-8. They’d end up as two extremely similar aircraft, which is kind of pointless.

But here’s why I say they might not skip it:

A 230-seat range aircraft is not something that really exists in Airbus’ variants. The closest I could find was the A330-800NEO which has a capacity of 257. This variant has not performed well in the aviation world since its release— only a few buyers. Because of this, Boeing could have a shot at introducing a new aircraft style to the table and potentially perform well.

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You make some good points. Also to clarify what you said first, I was referring to Middle of the Market Aircraft, MMA, though I do suppose Boeing calls it NMA, so that may be more appropriate here…

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I believe they could do well with a 767-200-like new aircraft

The way I see it, I don’t think the MAX series will ever fully recover from those two crashes. While one of it’s intended purposes was to lower the cost of flying, I think the other one was to be a placeholder for the proposed Medium-Range Aircraft.

The MAX10 variant has very similar specs to the -200 variant of the 757. Here is a comparison chart from Boeing 737 MAX 10 vs. Boeing 757-200

Both are similar in terms of range, capacity, and cruising speed. However, the MAX10 is limited be because of how low the aircraft sits. This limits the engine that can be used and is what also moved the engine up and created MCAS to compensate.

The point? I think Boeing unsuccessfully tried to create a placeholder to the Medium-Ranged Aircraft.

And a solution wouldn’t involve a whole new aircraft. The 757 sits just over a meter taller than the 737-MAX10, and they have the same fuselage height of four meters. This gives more room for new engines without moving them up, among other things, such as the MAX AT winglets. All of this would create a solution to the aging fleet of 757s and solve Boeing’s problem of the Medium-Range Aircraft.

In conclusion, I think Boeing shouldn’t skip this, although they could (It’d be a bad choice). They already have an aircraft to work off of, the variants of the 757, they just haven’t realized the 737MAX-10 was a poor decision.

Correct me if any of this is wrong, thanks!


The best thing for Boeing to do is to build the NSA, unpopular opinion.

Hear me out, the 737, as much as it has served airlines for over 50 yrs, needs a successor after the Max. Perhaps a base model based on the size of the 737-900 would do the trick here.

The problem with building a 757 max is that Boeing shut down production years ago and would need to get all the contractors to sign and provide for them and they need money for that.

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