Could bigger aircraft land at London city?

Why is the A318 the biggest aircraft that can land there? In IF I could land an A320/19 there with no problems. Embraer’s can land there and they are roughly the same size as the A320 family. Could bigger aircraft land there IRL?
(When I say bigger aircraft I mean planes that are a320 size. Not like a380 size!)
What’s your opinion?

Thanks 🙂

I think that bigger aircraft should be able to land there imo

its a larger risk because of the fact theres water both sides of the runway plus the 5 degree approach slope is only suitable for certain aircraft.


No. simply because of the 5 degree glide slope.

The A318 is the biggest plane that can land using the steep approach.


The A318 is the bigger aircraft to have the 5 degree glidescipe certification so unless a bigger aircraft gets it which I doubt then the A318 will always be the biggest

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I mean, IRL ERJs and Q400s offer land there…

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It’s not the landing you have to worry about, but the take off! The A318 is the largest but manages it with a reduced load of passengers ( 34 only) and only enough fuel to reach Shannon before need to refuel for the Atlantic leg.

It’s all about the runway length, before you reach V1 you need to have enough runway left to be able to stop in an emergency. The bigger and heavier your aircraft the less runway length you have available.

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The A318 is certified for steep approach capabilities, which are required for aircraft use at London City Airport.


Would the 737-800 be able to land?


Most likely not, unless it has only a very few passengers and low fuel


It isn’t certified, so without much load it still wouldn’t be able to land.

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