Could American fly into KEF?

You could see it out of PHL, but there already is an Iceland Air flight PHL-KEF in a B752.

EWR to KEF is feasible for United because EWR is their main hub. I doubt that they would make a competing route from their if there is not sufficient demand to compete with.

@ClarenceTheAvgeek… MaxSez: Who in his right mind would even considered going to Iceland accept for a stop over on the Great Circle to the EU! Stopped at NAS Keflavik periodically back in the day. In July it’s hi is 55deg., Dark, realllly Cold, windy and barron in winter. The local Nordic’s are an insular people and not warm or welcoming. Long boreing tirering flight to be met by Volcano’s, lava fields and strong cross wind. Iceland, Oh my, just ask our fellow Forum member @Laura_Murphy LOL…

55 degrees is a summer day, Max 😉😉

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People wouldn’t fly from Atlanta to go back the way they came from. Same with MIA, it doesn’t make sense. You can say that about any legacy hub with viable connecting traffic that is it “suitable” to fly to KEF.

Yep my bad I meant to type in southwest cities not southeast. Thanks for the correction. I mean who would rather be a on a domestic flight from southwest cities till JFK or be on a short domestic flight to DFW then on a nice long international flight? :)

They wouldn’t put that large of an aircraft on that route, not enough demand. Would likely be a 767, or MAYBE 787-8.

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You guys do know that AA has confirmed a route DFW-KEF on a 757, right?


But Icelandair and Wow Air offer much cheaper fares on those routes so why would AA

I am doing MSP to KEF in June next year and would rather fly American than either Delta or Iceland Air. That being said, Iceland Air “Saga Class” looks amazing for the five hour (or so) flight.

I skipped Wow because it looks and feels like a tacky widebody version of Spirit. I could handle maybe a two hour flight on one of those Spirit cattle wagons but not 5-6.


They could probably use a smaller airport without any routes to KEF with an aircraft like the 757 or 737 (if there’s enough range).

Coincidentally I just diverted to KEF with an AA 789.

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