Could American fly into KEF?

Delta currently serves JFK-KEF and MSP-KEF using the 757-200 and United is beginning EWR-KEF starting next year, most likely on the 757 as well. What are the chances American would try to enter the Iceland market?


Possibly, but I don’t know if American has much out of JFK or EWR.

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If they did, I could see them adding a summer seasonal CLT-KEF on a 752… Plenty of connecting oppurtunities to feed the flight here in Charlotte regardless of the O/D. between here and KEF.

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Not very high, especially when there’s Icelandair and now United serving JFK and other US destinations - not to mention Wow Air offering $99 tickets to the US as another carrier.

American is more out of JFK but they also Use LGA.
If anything they would do it with the A321 which can be flown from LGA and JFK.

Most likely JFK since LGA isn’t an intercontinental airport.


All of our routes in jfk connect to mainly other hubs since we’ve changed our routing there… international wise we pretty much fly to europe and asianic territory’s

There is a restriction on LaGuardia that prevents any flights over 1,500 miles starting or ending there, with the exception of Saturdays and flights to Denver. I don’t think that if they were to run this route it would need to be more than a Saturday only thing. Accounting for this, JFK is the obvious choice.

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American is moving more of there JFK flights to PHL, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw PHL-KEF on a 757-200. To answer your question, I’ve noticed Delta and United both serve more obscure airports than American does overseas, American tends to stay to bigger cities that have a large market. We are seeing American continue to expand there overseas routes, so they could enter the market.

It is certainly feasible as a route, whether from JFK, CLT, PHL, or ORD. Reykjavik is a rising tourist destination. I’m flying Delta JFK-KEF in April. I would have flown United but they don’t start their service from EWR until May.

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I’m flying United EWR-KEF next summer for vacation 😜

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That’s cool that United put their Polaris configured 757’s on that route. The 752 I’m taking on Delta is domestically configured.

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That would be SWEET. I’d love to have a nonstop to Iceland:)

I don’t think there any restrictions on American-Icelandic flights so in theiry, I’d assume yes…

Given that Iceland’s tourism appeal has been going up, it could be possible. The logical NYC markets are already overcrowded (FI + WW + DL + UA), but perhaps an ORD flight could work. CLT perhaps if they offer a wide selection of connecting/feeder flights. I can’t see MIA being feasible though.

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But American has there own terminal at JFK

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Icelandair flies MSP-KEF in the 757/767 aircraft. I don’t see any reason American couldn’t fly to Iceland.

I don’t feel like they currently have the need to join the Iceland market. Don’t they have codesharing with icelandair? or am I confusing them with another US Giant

If American starts non-stop service there it’ll probably be from DFW. Hopefully on a 777 or 787.

Why do you think it would be from DFW?

Because there is no non-stop service from the south. And DFW is American’s main hub which will enable easy connections from south such as IAH, ATL, MIA etc