Costaricanpilot’s ATC Tracking Thread - {CLOSED} @ MROC

Hey guys come and join me in Costa Rica on training server…
I will be open as long as there is people enjoying


Hey! I was N4EM. I’ll get you some feedback in a bit.

How long will you be open for? I’ll stop by

Hey… @IF_Aviation1… one more hour

@MrMrMan any feedback is always good but for now I’m not trying to get into IFATC …

So here’s my feedback:


• Just be aware that aircraft will generally be already moving when requesting a taxi to parking command.


• After giving some ‘left’ or 'right traffic, there is no need to repeat it unless a new pattern instruction is given.

• I announced inbound, final, and a go around, becuase you didn’t clear me for the option/landing.

• I announced "EC-123 is on right downwind, runway 25, where you gave me the correct response of “already cleared to land” which is when I set up for the next approach “EC-123 is on final Runway 25, full stop”, good response again.

• Always give a pattern instruction before a clearance to land when an aircraft is inbound, or changing runway/position around an airfield. You cleared @if_aviation1 twice for 1 approach, and missed me twice.

• I’ll let the other cover the rest.

I suggest you don’t allow pattern work due to the weather. This is how IFATC and Infinite Flight functions.

Also idk why but I opened departure sp just be sure to hand them off to me :)

Your sequencing was on point, great job on that. Although there are quite a bit of things you need to work on You don’t have to give a make left/right traffic every time you clear for the option, the pilot should already know whether to make left/right traffic when you clear them for takeoff. Transition is way to high.4000-4500 would’ve been more appropriate. Also why did you tell me frequency change approved after I received my transition? You forgot to give me a pattern entry when I requested to land after my transition. Why did you give me the “Wait for clearance before taking off” command? A clearance isn’t needed if I am doing patterns. I suggest you watch some of the tutorials on the YouTube page, and most importantly the read Public manual.

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Hey @IF_Aviation1 when you request a transition I thought you were living the airspace that’s why I gave you a frequency change…

A transition is for an aircraft to safely pass through your airspace.

Your airspace goes up to 5000ft all

Can you hand Copa 115 of to me (Departure?)

I did not see that you were in departure I will send them to you

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Nope, was going right back in the pattern. If they don’t request landing then that means they are leaving the airspace, that’s when you should give them frequency change

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okay I got you I probably did not read your request properly I will keep sending all departures to you

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(Butter) doesn’t need to be sent to departure since he is staying in the airspace right?

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Right now I am letting pattern work because I want to practice ATC…
And let some Pilots increase there Landings

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True, unless he departs your airspace (the blue ring), or intents to depart the airspace, they can be handed over to me. I don’t think we’ll get any outgoing traffic.

Just be aware that in low visibility pattern work is completely prohibited, and this airport (MROC) could actually be closed due to the dangerous terrain nearby.

I can see all your previous messages, by the way, and I see that you need to learn about transitions.

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Okay so so until the weather gets better any aircrafts that one to do pattern work are not going to be allowed

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It’s up to you, but to get a full (and boring) idea of professional Air Traffic Controlling in Infinite Flight, you can read the ATC manual. I wouldn’t suggest it since it is highly likely for aircraf to crash, due to pattern work for jets being 1500agl (or above airport level), where I came as close as 300ft to the ground. Any GA wouldn’t easily see this terrain.

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I’ll take a read of it

Ok. I just closed, so good luck with the future!


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