Costaricanpailot’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSE] @ MROC

Hey community feel free to stop by Costa Rica and do some pattern work I’ll be available a couple of hours🇨🇷

Are you planning on becoming IFATC, or just want to see how you handle?

Just try to handle it and see how it is but I have an idea how to work it out stop by and try it by the way it’s on TS

I just spawned in why did you leave

hey I’m sorry my internet went down for a couple of minutes but I’m back in

It’s fine. I was air canada 30, I’ll send you my feedback in a sec

I’ll see if I can come. @Costaricanpilot

Ok I’m going to be flying vfr

  1. When I asked you for takeoff there was no need for line up and wait command should clear me for the option right after I turn crosswind, and there was no need for make left traffic in the clearance.

That’s all fro this session but you will need to control more traffic next time so I can see better:)
(I’m not IFATC or TSATC so if I said anything wrong plz feel free to say so)

Hey thanks I appreciate you for the feedback I will correct those little details and I’m sorry for leaving and coming back and leaving and coming back situation with internet down here and Central America is kind of difficult

Hello I was N106ER
A few things I noticed was you didn’t give me a pattern instruction after I took off and the second thing is the maintain best forward speed” on final was an unessesary command for that leg of the flight.
I enjoyed flying the patterns under your command and I wish you good luck in ATC

Hello I was the C172 ?How did I do?

Hey yes after you took off I was going to give you pattern instructions but once again my internet went down so I’m going to have to close the thread and try it next time internet gets better

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Hey you did good only thing is that landing on those little aircraft it’s a little hard just practice a little bit more your Landings

Yes I bumped a lot

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