Costaricanpailot’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSE] @MRCO

Hey guys just to let you know that I’m going to be on ATC MROC for about 2 hours and that’s Costa Rica International Airport…
just in case just in case you want to practice your crosswind Landings🇨🇷

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You can open a ATC tracking thread for reasons like this here is a link to mine.

Coming N25513

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@Costaricanpilot I have made this thread into your ATC tracking thread. Now, people will know to come to help you practice, and this will allow them to practice their landings. Here, pilots will also provide feedback if they have any!


Ok! So there is a lot of stuff you can work on. It would take a lot of time for me to explain everything to you so instead I’m going to link you these videos. Watch them, you can even take notes on them, and watch them 1,000 more times. No one is ever perfect when you start. After you’ve watched the videos and think you have a good grip on everything, open a tracking thread. :)

(Start with the tower and ground ones before you move on to approach/departure stuff)

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Tanks men…
I wish more people came to fly in Costa Rica…
U know its not that bussy and u can work on your landings


I’m gonna come by now
Any preference of which plane I use?

R u still open?

I am flying avianca


So ur open??

No men I am flying

Doing some landings

If you’re closed make sure to edit your title to [CLOSED] @ N/A

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Ok got it… just did

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