Cost of flying Air Force 1

Another wonderful video by Wendover Productions!


Watched it a hour ago I love Wendover Productions.


I love the motorcades in London with the American vehicles that we don’t have.

This isn’t aviation related.

It is aviation related. The last 5 minutes of it are.

You have to watch the video to see it is related. I can clearly tell you watched it for like 2 seconds. ;-)

I watched all of it hours before it was posted here.
It’s a 12 minute video and it isn’t aviation related.

Well I think what he means is that this is more about the presidents all around transportation methods, rather than just about the aviation side of his transportation.

I think you don’t understand. ;-)

The motorcade part of it is not related, but the aviation side (i.e. Marine One and Air Force One) are aviation related. Just because it involves the President of the USA, doesn’t make it non related.

I know @Damian would not post anything not aviation related. ;-)

Was a great and informative video. I enjoyed it.

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This one was one of the more interesting videos I’ve seen from him. His other aviation-related videos just put me off too much, and this was probably the first one that I’ve actually bothered watching from him that I enjoyed, although at the exorbitant prices of AF1, why not just fly Marine 1 from NY-DC? It’s not that long of a journey, and Marine 1 is cheaper.

Half of it is cars. Honestly it is related to the transport of the president, which so happens to involve a plane.
Also, I don’t consider helicopters aviation related.

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Aviation is a general term which includes helicopters though…


Well, helicopters are flying machines, therefore they should be included in the aviation world.


Depends on your definitions. It really depends on who you ask.

But there are 5 Marine Ones. It would be cheaper and faster to fly one C-5 filled with 5 Marine Ones than 5 Marine Ones DC-NY.

Looking at the stats offered for NY-DC:

Air Force One: ~$206.000/flight hour = ~$103.000 for .5 hour
5 Marine Ones: ~$2199/flight hour * 5 or ~$11.000/flight hour = ~$13.750 for 1.25 hour

but if Marine One would fly from the White House to NY and back, do you really need the C-5?

even if you did, it would be:
C-5 Galaxy: ~$101.000/flight hour ~$50.500 for .5 hours
$50.500 + $13.750 = $64.250 compared to AF1s $103.000 and the C-5’s $50.500

But you can’t really transport the POTUS in a C-5, can you? It would surely need to be outfitted with similar technology to AF1 which it does not possess, requiring costly modification and increasing price per flight hour.

Wow, very interesting! It’s so expensive just for that short trip. Thanks for sharing.

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Air Force 1 has the state of the art counter measures and is a flying command post for the President of the USA.


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