Cost index

Hello again.
Does anyone know what Cost Index pilots on Norwegian use? And do they only use one specific number for all flights or one specific on each flight?

I can not post there so I figured out general would be the best place so far

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Maybe this can answer you question :)

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Thank you, I’ll read it!

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A low cost index means that the cost of time is low or that fuel is expensive. It will result in a low speed. High cost index means high cost of time (e.g. passengers about to miss their flight connection) or low fuel price (rare these days).28 feb. 2014


Thank you as well, kinda getting a hang of it now!

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Cost index ≠ Infinite Flight. Feel free to post something like this in #real-world-aviation when you have the correct TL, but for now if you could keep the discussion related to IF, that’d be grand. Gracias :)