Cosford 2019

Well, where to start? I went to sleep Thursday night not even knowing if I’d have a flight to catch the next morning because we were in the middle of a hurricane. To my relief I was able to fly over to Birmingham and it was definitely well worth it!

It was so nice to finally see the people behind IF. A simulator that brought us all here. Was also nice to finally meet @BenTyson who I’ve gotten to know since 2017. @Chris_Wing @Nick_Wing some of the coolest people I’ve met, and @Adam_Williams not forgetting @Luke_Kelly (hope you’re enjoying virgin first class by the way). Nice to see @Moritz and the rest of the German crew too. Shame @CJHoughton and @Matt_1 couldn’t make it.

It’s a big year for me in school this year and since I returned it’s been non stop with a constant and heavy workload. Cosford 2019 was a great escape from it all. Loved every minute of it, even though I had a bit of a longer travel time from my hotel and when I lost my return ticket.

The thing about the IFC is, it’s such a huge and varied platform consisting of a lot of ‘strong personalities’ and everyone has different opinions of IF in general, but the bottom line is this, love it or hate it IF has connected many different people from many different places and helped to form many friendships. And without the hard work of the developers and moderating team, we wouldn’t have a functioning community nor a platform that we can all enjoy ourselves on and discuss or common interest.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the meet-up this year (and the free drinks and the race in the Grand Colorado). It’s definitely one to remember and if it’s being held next year, I’ll do my very best to come along again. Safe travels home everyone!


I have nothing to add to this, true that.

I’m glad you all had a good time. Hopefully I’ll be able to join again too at the next meet-up!


Great! I actually saw you most in the first picture :) I was in the camo jacket


I can almost say I’m coming next year… 😂

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