Corvo Island Missing

Hello, some days ago I tried to do a flight with the destination of Corvo and this airport is missing. The airport IATA code is CVU and ICAO code is LPCR. I would like to highlight that not only the airport is missing, the whole island is also missing.
Here is a picture of the missing island and its airport:

I hope you can add this island to the game.


This island may not be there because of the satellite imagery and how small the airport and island is! The Imagery probably did not catch the island because the quality of the imagery isn’t the best!

There are way smaller airports in Global! This airport has daily scheduled flights fyi.

The airport is surrounded by water, which means when the satellite was taking imagery, there was either clouds or something else blocking the whole island!

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This would need to be brought up to the Airport editing team. As for the island not being there it may be too small for IF to pick up. I know that’s the case with a few of the smaller islands.

Are you sure it isn’t there? There are many small airports that you really have to zoom in to, so you can find them.

Please see this: