Corsair Retires Its Final Boeing 747

Corsair International has retired its Boeing 747-400 fleet.

Corsair, a leisure airline based in Paris-Orly airport, will retire its remaining three Boeing 747-400s.

These three 747s have been grounded for weeks as the airline has essentially suspended all flights.

Corsair’s three 747s were supposed to be retired between December 2020 and May 2021 as they plan to replace them with upcoming Airbus A330-900neos.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case as Corsair’s 747s will not return to service. Corsair is the final French airline to operate the 747 following Air France’s retirement of the aircraft in 2016.

Corsair’s long-haul fleet throughout the past 30 years has consisted of the iconic Boeing 747. The airline has operated the -100, -200, -300, -400, and SP variants of the 747.


Corsair anticipe le retrait de ses Boeing 747 - Actualité aéronautique -

Image: Boeing 747-422 - Corsair International | Aviation Photo #2440665 |

Once again, sad to see these go as the number of passenger 747s continues to decrease every day.

Final 747 departure, heading to Kemble to be scrapped:


Nooooo… That Corsair 747 was one I would’ve wanted to fly on!


Basically confirmed by more sources now.

Additionally, they expect to resume flights with sub-daily frequencies on June 12 with A330s only, no 747s.

The banks aren’t willing to grant a state guaranteed loan to Corsair.

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Time to practice my French…

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man thats sad… the 747 is not my favorite aeroplane, however it is still an amazing feat of engineering and therefore its sad to see it go so quick without a proper send-off.

RIP the last Corsair 747 :sob:

LOL… thats what google translates for I guess…

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I prefer to go like:

Where am I???

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yep… or just look at the pictures and forget about all the text

The final Corsair 747 taking off from Paris Orly, flying to Kemble to likely be scrapped.

The final takeoff had a special wing wave:


No, NO NO! Not another 747 operator! 😪

Well, the last one is flying into retirement right now, so there’s no stopping it. 😢

Sadly number 1 has already learned her fate as she has arrived into Kemble

another one bites the dust

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