Corsair International A330-343


Hi guys, that livery could fits perfectly on the current A330-“300” on IF (wihch are already with RR engines)

My prefered airline aswell

Airbus A330 Rework

Brings back the SXM Memories


This livery looks great, espically the tail design although, I’m out of votes unfortunately :/


Additionnal Infos

                          The atc callsign = "corsair"

                     max passenger capacity = 328 paxs

            Airline base = Paris Orly ORY (OACI code : LFPO )

         their actual destinations : Point a pitre (TFFR)
                                     Fort de France (TFFF)
                                     Montréal (CYUL)
                                     Dakar (GOOY)
                                     Abijan (DIAP)
                                     St.Denis (FMEE)
                                     Plaisance (FIMP)
                                     Madagascar (FMMI)
                                     Moroni (FMCH)

ps: sorry for those late informations…

Airbus A330 Rework

Wow the livery is just gorgeous


not for that update, maybe during that year well get it :)
let’s maintain the patience cruise