Corsair International A330-343

Hi guys, that livery could fits perfectly on the current A330-“300” on IF (wihch are already with RR engines)

My prefered airline aswell

Brings back the SXM Memories

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This livery looks great, espically the tail design although, I’m out of votes unfortunately :/

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Additionnal Infos

                          The atc callsign = "corsair"

                     max passenger capacity = 328 paxs

            Airline base = Paris Orly ORY (OACI code : LFPO )

         their actual destinations : Point a pitre (TFFR)
                                     Fort de France (TFFF)
                                     Montréal (CYUL)
                                     Dakar (GOOY)
                                     Abijan (DIAP)
                                     St.Denis (FMEE)
                                     Plaisance (FIMP)
                                     Madagascar (FMMI)
                                     Moroni (FMCH)

ps: sorry for those late informations…

Wow the livery is just gorgeous


not for that update, maybe during that year well get it :)
let’s maintain the patience cruise

Pity there has not been enough American and European liveries in the update. this one will have been good

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Being redone by @IFFR_SunZen