Corsair international 747-400 (TUI livery)

imageThey may of suggested the normal one but now I am suggesting it in the TUI livery. It will add more realism to TNCM. How do you like it? Tell us why it should or shouldn’t be in IF in the comments (source


The blue looks very nice on the 747


If I’m not mistaken, there are no 747’s currently flying into TNCM. Good livery none the less

Like it as it would look cool to land at SXM

I remember seeing a couple of those 747s in that livery at Kemble years ago, unfortunately that was in their final days and have since left us.

Please put a link for the source of the image. Nice livery by the way.

I did make credit

Looks great!

(NOTE: this aircraft used to come to st Maarten from Paris Orly for anyone who wants do do this on global)

need this for the 747!

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Should we tell the developers?

  • Yes we should have this
  • I don’t care if we should have this or not
  • No I do not want it

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I had no clue TUI flew 747s.

No this is an airline called corsair that was a puppet airline of TUI

I love it! It will be nice to use this at Caribbean region!

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And don’t forget the Paris region!

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This should come with a 747 rework

A 747-400 rework should have this great livery

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