Corsair Airbus A330 900neo Saint Denis to Paris Charles de Gulle

Flight Number: Corsair 911
Aircraft: Airbus A330 900neo
Departure: Saint Denis Airport
Arrival: Paris Orly (Direct to Paris Charles de Gulle)
Time: July, 02, 2022
Flight Time: 11 Hours 44 Minuets
Server: Expert Server
Step Climb: 34,000 to 36,000 to 38,000
Cruise Speed: 310/0.82


The editing is stunning, especially the ground and aircraft reflections ;) !!

And it’s de Gaulle not de Gule (from what I remember when I went there)

Thanks for sharing ✨

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thanks for the compliment and Feedback!

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Hi very nice pics, but no more than 10 pics are limited and 6 pics can be removed.

It follows the rules of the topic #screenshots-and-videos Category just fixed this “edit”, please. Thank you for understanding.