Corsair A330-300 to the Simulator?

Hello everyone, here is a livery request I would love to see come on the new A330-300 Rework!


I would love to see the Corsair A330-300 come to the new a330 rework. Currently this plane flies out of Paris [ORLY]. They are a very small airline but it would be amazing to see a new airline in Infinite Flight to come on the A330 Rework. Currently, there is no corsair livery in infinte flight, and therefore they should add the a330! Currently, there are 4 A330-300s in operation for Corsair.

More about Corsair: Corsair International - Wikipedia

I think it would be a cool idea to have a new small airline come into infinite fight, as they have done this before with other aircraft. If you would like to see this livery vote for it!

I would really like to see this


This looks like a duplicate request, make sure you search before posting

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