Corrupt 787 AP in IF

I decided to use the 787-900 for the first time today in IF, and the experience was horrid to say the least. Why was it bad? Because of the Auto Pilot.

First off, when I started my flight and got airborne, the autopilot could not keep the heading straight. It constantly kept doing left and right turns to try to get the correct heading but it couldn’t get it to hold steady.

When I started my decent to the airport, it got worse. It was overshooting the heading I set for the autopilot by 10 degrees and kept doing sharp left and right turns, attempting to re-align with the heading.

In addition to this, I set the autopilot to decend from 10,100 feet to 2,000 feet at -1,500 FPM. Out of nowhere, the planes autopilot put the aircraft in a steep -3,500 FPM dive (keep in mind, I double checked the FPM and it still said -1,500 and the autopilot did not disengage). Then, at around 4,000 feet, it began to climb steeply at 3,600 FPM (even though it should have still been descending to 2,000 feet). At this point, my approach was completely messed up and I was upset so I just ended the session, haha.

Does anyone else have a problem with the 787-900? The aircraft was pretty much un-flyable unless you flew it manually for the entire flight, and on a small iPhone 6s screen with minimal practice flying planes manually, it was impossible for me.

A small detail that I forgot to mention was that it couldn’t get the speed correct, this wasn’t a huge deal and was the least of my problems; however the autopilot kept the plane around 7 knots under the set speed.


It’s an extremely old plane. It has been confirmed that they will update it in the near future.


But why would it being extremely old cause the autopilot to act that way? Does it do that for you too?


The physics on the plane is outdated


Gotcha, thanks. Was really wondering what the heck was happening lol.


That aircraft was done in a rush(due to demand). Everything is off about the 787

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Thanks for the info.

I wouldn’t say it was done in a rush. It was included near the original iOS release - back then, you were dealing with lower spec devices (hence the poor texture quality), the physics engine was a lot more basic, etc.


Lol I can’t believe you’re complaining about the 787… You jolly well know it’s a really old model in IF context


How am I supposed to know that it is a really old model that is corrupt? Maybe you shouldn’t assume people know everything you know, buddy.

Wasn’t as much a complaint as it was troubleshooting.

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Lucky for you it’s being reworked as we speak my friend. I too used it not long ago in the Sydney region, but to be honest, the only troubles I had were keeping it on a constant heading. It happily climbed to 33000ft and cruised.


Go easy guys. This guy is fairly new, and didn’t know that the 787 would act up like this. It was a surprise for me too when I first tried it out. I think the 787 is the most anticipated aircraft update right now. When that aircraft gets updated, the community will rejoice, and I think that’s gonna be my favorite aircraft in the game.


Lol just by the looks you know the 787 isn’t a complete product 😂

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Just because the graphics are poor doesn’t mean the plane should be un-flyable. They are two separate components. Stop being so arrogant mr. know it all. I didn’t know or else I obviously wouldn’t have made the post.

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Lol you’re the one who’s so pissed off here, like I’m not even interested to war with people here anymore, you’ll find your way, but not in a matter of days or weeks.

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I’ll find my way? These are forums for a mobile app for Christ sake. I don’t need to “find my way” to anything.

Interesting that you’re “not even interested” in “war with people” yet you make stupid comments assuming someones knowledge about the game and then go on to criticize them for not knowing something you know. Very mature my friend. Bravo to you sir.


Come on guys, it’s not that serious. Better stay on topic before a mod comes and closes this. I mean, the problem was solved in the very first comment.


Just drop the whole thing, I’m sure @NatIsrael972 will do so too

I’ve been there before, so I speak with experience. If you want to war, we can bring it to the PM system. You’ll never get anywhere when you insist on your own ways and say “Oh, this guy is acting arrogant, oh this guy thinks he knows it all”. Fact is because I know more (apparently that is obvious because you are new and I am not), you shouldn’t argue your way out of it… I’ve argued with tons of people here before, but eventually, I got it, I found the way, and I now enjoy my experience here. There are many black sheeps here but see, I don’t quit or go berserk because of that one person who I dislike (or hate to the core). You’ve only started talking to me and you, yes, you, you think you already know me… Have a piece of my mind, this is an advice…

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You are ridiculous. “if you want war we can bring it to the PM system”? That is by far the stupidest thing I’ve read on these forums. What war exactly are you trying to fight? You clearly are arrogant and it appears that YOU are the one who hasn’t found your way on the forums yet. You even said it yourself: “you are new and I am not”. You acknowledge I am new yet continue to fail to understand that I was simply troubleshooting a problem that I had BECAUSE I am new. I’d say that if someone as “found their way” then they would acknowledge this and rather than try to start crap would provide helpful advice.

You say I’ll never get anywhere when I insist on my own ways yet you are doing the literal exact same thing.

You say you “don’t want war” yet continuously try to gain ground on me by claiming you know more. Congrats to you sir, you know more about an app game

Finally, trust me, I am not going “berserk”. If you want to assume that then be my guest, but I’m actually getting quite a lot of entertainment from your comments. and for that, I can thank you.

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