Correction, Stand by on Unicom

Sometimes I accidentally press a button on unicom, and there’s no correction button or anything like that so it might seem like I’m spamming the frequency when I correct myself. Do you think this is necessary, or not?


No, just send the proper transmission.

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This doesn’t sound like a feature request. Belongs in #live.


Why wouldn’t this be a feature request?


Because there was nothing being requested.

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I personally don’t think it’s a must need feature.

Saying something incorrect then correcting it isn’t spamming. Spamming would be pressing the same button more than 10 times.

I don’t think having a correction, stand by button. I make mistakes sometimes and simply correct it by selecting the proper command.

The thought process behind this is absolutely in the right direction, but it would also add an extra transmission after an accidental one. The current system has the mistake as 1, then the correction as 2. The “correction” addition would be three.

I wouldn’t mind it being in the sim because I have accidentally done this too.

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Agree I think it would be useful. It’s not often needed but occasionally is needed. For example was on approach into EGKKother day and accidentally touched 08L instead of 08R. Quickly corrected but that might have been missed by someone else as both transmissions very similar. By having ‘correction’ button would alert other people that there is a change to the runway etc.

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