CORRECTED: MaxFledlingFacts: Free Aviators Bible!

G(Note: This is not a Dup but a periodic reprint of a must have Fee FAA Publication for Aviation Enthusiast)

MaxSez: Just starting in IF or stumped by some aviation tech trivia, download this free PDF from ;
“Airplane Flying Handbook” FAA-8083B”…

@anon41771314 @Nate_Schneller… Sorry bad link new revision.
Go, Handbooks Search tab, Title or Ref.



Invalid link?


Can’t get it


It’s still giving me a no…

I just got this book a few weeks ago. Tremendous help with my training, thanks for sharing!

Good to see you :)

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@anon41771314. 1) Go 2) Use Search window “Title” 3) Download PDF.

For anyone who is having trouble finding the link, here it is:

Thank you Max for sharing this book! I’m definitely gonna read through some sections so I can improve my IF flying skills.

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