Corrected..MaxFledglingFacts: Pattern Work 2, Video (Advanced)

Regrets for the wrong Video error earlier.

MaxSez: (Note: Just re-read Tim’s excellant guidence and tips on TS-1 errors transitioned to Expert. This is a must read to include the comments for everyone)

This video is Pattern Flying step 2 in the EmeryRiddel Flight Series. Step 1, the Basics is awaiting your review on UTube if your Grade 1/2 , watch it first if you don’t fully understand the technical aspects of this basic procedure:

💥Reminder: IF has a Standardized Pattern: Left Traffic; GA:1000’ AGL Commercial: 1500’ AGL

(Fly like a Pro. Struggling with the Basics, Procedure, Terminology, ATC ? Get a “free” copy of the “Pilots Hand Book of Aeronautical Knowledge” in PDF form at


Everyone should watch this. Thank you @Maxmustang!

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