Corrected.....Intermittent Engine Sound, New C-172

MaxSez. Flying IF w/the same IPAD Air for years. Note Engine noise drops out periodically (Every 2 min) on the improved 172. Is this a Bug or my system related anomaly.
(Degradation Noted continually All Flights since download of update. Only effects new C-172. Re-boot/Load did not correct. WIFI 5x5. Setting reset on introduction.)

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Hey Max, could you send a screen recording by chance, with the engine noise dropping out?

@HiFlyer. Replay Radio audio and msg text not effected. Have rechecked all settings ect. This anomaly continual while LIVE. Status all Green. (Does not effect cockpit Text repeater or Replay voice or text.). “Solution” Checks in Error,

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Having the same issue

Apple device too?

Yep iPad Air

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All affected devices seem to be IPad Airs

Mine isn’t every 2min mine is very frequent like every 15 sec

All,MaxSez, Appears sound anomaly has been corrected my IPad Air.
1 hour go in 172 & Cub engine sounds interior/exterior 5/5.
Regards, Max

Since we have two topics on this:

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