Corrected.. Intermittent Engine Sound Degradation /All A/C Effected

MaxSez. Flying IF w/the same IPAD Air (now IOS 12.4.4) for years. Note Engine noise drops out periodically (Every 20 sec) on every aircraft flown. Previously reported as 172 only. Apparent Update Bug.
(Degradation Noted continually All Flights since download of update. Multiple Re-boot/Load did not correct. WIFI 5x5. Setting reset on re-introduction of App.
Reported for the Record, Max

Hey Max!

I’m gonna say the same to you as the other user with the same issue;
This is an issue we’ve been made aware of but still need some more information.

Are you able to record this and perhaps upload to YouTube & link?


@schyllberg. MaxSez: Noted yr preceding response this issue. Annunciated ”for the record” to indicate no action required, know issue
but now effecting All A/C,
As requested… Replay does not replicate intermittent Engine Sound.
Text steams correctly on repeater. IPadair Updated to IOS 12.4.4 last night. Anomaly noted both IOS 12.3.3 & Currant 12.4.4.
Respectfully, Max

I don’t want a replay :)

Use the built-in screenrecording function in iOS when it happens as you are flying, as that one picks up sound as well.
Then upload the video the YouTube, or you can email it to

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@schyllberg. MaxSez, Appears sound anomaly has been corrected.
1 hour go in 172 & Cub engine sounds interior/exterior 5/5.
Regards, Max

Okay. Please try to remember to record if it happens in the future!

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