Correct way to divert to nearby airports when on low fuel

When you know you don’t have enough fuel to carry on to your destination airport how do you fly to a diversion airport? Is it clearing the old FPL and creating a new one while you’re flying? Or just fly VFR but then you’re cruising at high altitudes.

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Aviate Navigate then Communicate. IF you are indeed low on fuel and find it neccesary to divert to another airport just pull up the mini map on the HUD (zoom in and out as nec. while flying) and bring it down safely. You dont have to clear the old FPL especially if you still wan to fly there.


When on Approach ATC, you can change your flight plan to a new airport and request flight following to that airport.

When on Tower ATC, you can prepare a new flight plan and request departure to the East etc.

Always make sure that the airport dot is the last point of your flight plan.


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