Correct Use of Taxiways at PHTO

Hello my fellow Pilots, ATC and community members.

I realised, in my position as IFATC Specialist, that a lot of Pilots on the Expert Server don’t know how to use theTaxiwys at Hilo Intl Airport correctly.

Here is a short Overview:


You have noticed that there is only one major Taxiway at this Airport for In- and Outbounds called ‘‘A’’ on the chart.
So please help us to provide a better and smoother controlling by following the next aspects:

1.) Taxiing from and to the main Apron

You may realised that there are two Taxiways which you can use to taxy to the Apron. But there are a simple but important difference between this two Taxiways. Notwithstanding the fact which Runway are in Use you should always use the left Way for Pilots taxiing to the Apron and the right for Pilots taxiig from the Apron. This avoid head-to-head situations at the left Taxiway. And when you get an Push clearence please face always to the right Taxiway.

2.) Regular Taxiways

These are no Taxiways
You can see that there are no yellow line on it and no markings at all.
-> It is a street and not a taxiway. So fellow pilots be patient and wait until you are cleared to taxi at the main Taxiway.

3.) Runway crossing

In the case that you have to cross the Runway 21/03 please only use the left Taxiway unless you want to park at the right Apron.
-> Why?
->> Becaus the left way is the only real Taxiway.

So my fellow Pilots I hope that this is a little help for you and you understand how it works at PHTO.

Best regards and Blue Skies.

//IFATC Lars T (ATC Specialist)


Thanks Lars! I had a few today that COULD NOT figure it out… especially coming from that apron on the 03 side…

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Same over here. That was my Intention to create this topic. Hope it helps a bit

The only time a pilot should be using Alpha to taxi toward RWY 8 is if they are taxiing to takeoff RWY 21 otherwise Alpha is only used going towards RWY 27. All aircraft, except GA, should use RWY 26 all the time unless weather shuts that runway down. RWY 21 is only used by GA. RWY 8/26 is the main runway at PHTO with RWY 26 being used for all landings and take offs for non GA aircraft. Due to terrain constraints RWY 8 should never be used for landings.

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Good Point and I never mentined other things😏

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@anon2063420 runway 8 is in fact regularly used for landings. However, you do not fly the ‘fake’ GPS glideslope cone that IF has. It’s a visual approach just in from the shore line, aircraft completely configured on left base, with a left turn to short 1-2 mile final. Due to the usual Hawaiian winds (from the east / north east) runway 8 often has to be used. Noise preference does however mean 26 is preferred.

Runway 26 is also NOT preferred for takeoff, runway 8 is preferred, again, due to noise over the town of Hilo which is under runway 8 approach, and the mountain obstruction ahead which causes the immediate right hand turns. Nearly all departures use runway 8.


Cheers Lars! Really helpful

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Whenever I can I use RWY26. And I never had Problems with that

Thanks hope some Pilots follow this

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Check the Additional remarks section

@anon2063420 Ahh, I think you’re confused. The only thing I can see is the ‘PVD 1325 feet marked by chevrons … not suitable takeoff/ldng etc’ that is referring to the section on runway 8 that is paved and marked with the yellow chevrons that cannot be used for takeoff roll, landing etc, or for using that extra distance to calculate landing and takeoff data… it’s not referring to the entire length of Runway 8.

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Also, do a simple YouTube search on ‘Hilo airport landing’ here’s just one video of the 5 plus showing a landing on runway 8…

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I removed the roads, a lot of unneeded taxiways, added a new Cargo Apron. :)

Should be easier with no trolls taxing on the roads now


Sounds absolutly great. Cant wait to see this Updated Version. Thanks for this.🎉🎊

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@MJames is correct. It’s referring to the chevrons, not the runway itself. RWY08 can be used, but not preferred.


In addition to this weeks FNF in the Hawaii Region I want to bring that back to the Top.
I hope a lot of pilots who flying to and from PHTO follows this simple order.

Best regards and always blue skies.

@Lars_Thorein… MaxSez: Well Done, this important taxi instruction should be posted in the Runway information Block in Chart. Suggest you coordinate with the Airfield Development Team. Getter Done Son…

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Thanks @Maxmustang.
I talked with the Airport Editors and get the point that the Airport is already Updated for Global.
The it should not be the big Problem it is today. 👍

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Hawaii region right now is open in expert, so two reasons for my comment here…

  1. Bump this one up so if someone hasn’t read this yet and plans to stop by PHTO, please do.

  2. Report that I was controlling PHTO for almost 2 hours and during that time only one aircraft used the wrong taxiway, everyone else used the right one! I was impressed! Great job everyone!

Thank you @Lars_Thorein for the tutorial :).

I thought one had to taxi always on the left taxiway! I suppose it’s different for every airport…