Correct use of flaps

Hello guys since i started playing infinite flight honestly i never knew how to use the flaps correctly, I don’t know when and at what nm i should use flaps can you guys help me,
Btw here is how i do it
At 44nm i put the first flap 1°or5° then at 9000ft i put another amount of flaps then at 4000ft and finally at 3000ft sometimes the last amount of flaps is when i put my gear down
Is it ok?

Hey! I found an older topic that should help out on the use of flaps. :)

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Just keep in mind it’s based on speed, not distance from an airport. I start using flaps once below 200 knots.


When I am coming in fast with a tailwind I usually put down gear and flaps a little early to slow down, or if I am heavy and trying to lose speed but even with flight spoilers up I still don’t loose speed.

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To add to this
Every aircraft has a max speed for each flaps setting. In some of them in IF you can see those speeds written by the instruments. When you get below the first of these speeds then you can start thinking about flaps

Usually most aircraft have a little flap guide and will tell you the limit at what speed to use them

Usually flaps are deployed and retracted at 190 kts

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Yeah flaps can only be used at a certain speed

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Well it usually depends on how fast and what airport and such that really depends in my opinion, I mean if you put flaps 1 at like 10nm at a huge open space airport it doesn’t make sense to me but say Aspen well nothing’s really very wrong with however you approach Aspen cause it’s such an odd airport and different people have different options, so it’s really kinda up to you, no one is forcing you to put flaps on (except maybe ifatc if they want you to slow to a speed that you need flaps) but I would consider where, how fast are you coming in(EX: 30nm away at 250kts VS 30nm away at 220kts)and what Aircraft, it’s up to you so choose wisely and whatever you want to do do it but be careful, you might go into a nose dive if you deploy them when you’re to fast(I’ve done it millions of time in the 737)!

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