Correct Usage of Lights

So Im not 100% sure if Im using all the lights right but correct me if Im wrong!

When my engines are on all the lights exept landing and strobe are on. When Im pushing back I have all the lights on exept landing lights. During taxi, all the lights on exept landing lights and strobe lights. When Im told to line up on the runway, all the lights on exept landing lights. When cleared for take off all the lights on. Landing lights off when passing 10 000ft, cruising all the lights on exept landing lights.
under 10 000 ft all the lights on.


You shouldn’t turn on your strobe lights when pushing back.

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All lights should be on once you enter the runway, up to FL100. The strobes and landing should not be on during taxi, pushback or parking.


Ok right so the only thing Im doing wrong is pushing back with strobe lights on?

I have learned to only turn on the landing lights when CLEARED for take off and thats also what is done in real life…

Also, you should turn on all the lights even when you are just crossing a runway, and turn them off after passing the hold short line.

Strobe lights and landing lights turn on when your on the runway. Whether it be crossing, landing, or taking off.


Beat me by 1 second 😂

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No, landing lights should be on all time when on a runway and/or below FL100.

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Search is your friend…


Strobe Lights:

  • ON during the whole flight and when crossing a runway.
  • Off on the ground when off the runway.
  • Off during taxi.

Landing Lights:

  • ON below 10.000 ft and when crossing a runway.
  • I personally turn them off while taxiing since we do not have taxi lights.
I found this very helpful with light procedures, and everything else 😂

Ok thanks I was doing two wrong things, nr.1 Pushing back with strobe on and nr.2 Wainting until cleared for take off to turn on landing ligh.

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in real world…
well…I mean in general they turn off the strobe light maybe above 10K ft or cruising period.
I rarely see Strobe lights On for whole flight.

These are the types of comments that confuse people on here. The mods and others have clear and shown a certain way it is to be done in the sim so let’s just leave it at that.

Using Aircraft Lighting
Now, it is very important to know when and how to use your aircraft lights on ground and in your flight. There are specific times when to use certain aircraft lights while taxiing. We will go over when and how to use them on ground and in the air.
On Ground
Beacon: Goes on whenever the Aircraft Engines are Running
Landing Lights: Only when Crossing a Runway Not Taxiing
Strobes: Only when Crossing a Runway Not Taxiing
Nav Lights: Stay on when Taxiing
Beacon: Stay on whole flight
Landing Lights: When Entering Runway and Below 10,000 Feet
Strobes: When Taking off, Landing, and In-Flight
Nav Lights: Stay on whole flight

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Nav: At all times
Beacon: While the aircraft is moving or the engines are running
Landing: When crossing a runway (and lining up and waiting) and when below 10000
Strobe: When cleared for takeoff until you exit the runway upon landing

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