Correct Usage of landing and strobe lights still an issue


its been a while since I posted a tutorial regarding these items.

I just return from a flight on the Advance server with several landings and take offs on a busy airport, I would say:

15 out of 30 aircraft did use the landing lights correctly
only 3 out of 30 did use the Strobes correctly:-(

I know, I am the grumpy old man here in the community ;-) and you might think I am stressing this issue too much, but please… if not on the Advanced server, then where is the right place to follow some basic procedures??

We are strong on ATC rules but we definitely need to be strong also on the “visible” adherence of procedures, at least on the Advanced Server.

besides, doing this Strobe thing right is no rocket science;-)

happy new year to all of you

Thank you very much

happy landings



I think that moving the strobe light to another spot (making it more reachable and easier to push) than switching sides would be a huge helper…


It clearly must have been.

This was gone ages ago!

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-Goes on PG-

Sees everyone with their strobe lights on…

-*@Clipper747PA, it’s just the way it is :D, it is annoying people do not use real life procedures but we just have to get used to it

He probably means the advanced server…

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You got that right! xD

Yes, you’re absolutely right. One day I was even debating if I was using the strobes correctly because everyone around had them on constantly. The reason we’re strong on ATC rules is because IFATC enforces them on the Advanced Server. Anyone not complying is kicked out. If we would want real life procedures enforced we would have to think of a different way: Like, only making it possible to press the “strobe button” when on or close to runways. But that’s for another topic

yes I do

…the advanced server

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Yes, people don’t follow the correct procedures. Don’t they see other people like me on playground with their strobe lights off when they are parked/taxiing (except when on the runway and in the air). Don’t they want the game to be more realistic?


i just did a mistake, by accidentally misusing the edit button (I figured it out, I used the select button of the category) and thus created a duplicate of the original post in GENERAL.

I apologize

rgds Clipper747PA

…on the other hand, if making a fool of myself by obviously not being capable of using the edit tool helps to bring people to use the strobes correctly…than I am willing to take the embarrassment ;-)


They should add a new ATC message saying :

Please use your strobe lights at the appropriate times !


Sorry about that Mr.Dissilusioned !

I will change it back to the form you like it :)


After this post I started taking care of when do I use the lights. Thanks guys.


Don’t wanna start an argument or a debate now …

Sorry about using capitals !

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