Correct trim usage

Wait thats the purpose of calibrate??? I always press calibrate before i leave a flight thinking it saves or something

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Very helpful thank you

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Calibrate sets your controls to a neutral position hold the device comfortably then hit calibrate and that will be the centre point of your controlls
And no problem always happy to help where I can🙂👍

This was actually so helpful i went in solo u saved me with this one THANKS SO MUCH

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No stress glad I could be helpfull

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Iths still only visual It hink. Doens’t affect fuel or anything. Otherwise they would need to add auto trim.

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I adjust my trim for takeoff, climb out, cruise, descent and landing. During cruise utilizing the correct trim setting can help with fuel; although it’s minimal there is a difference if you were to have the trim at 0% compared to +50%, in this example I’m talking about the 787 family of aircraft.

@DeerCrusher put together a nice tutorial a few years ago explaining this in detail:

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Thank you for this!

There is one reason in addition: autopilot correct the glideslope to its optimal position again and again while approaching all the way down to the runway. So your plane moves up and down for that reason and it also adjusts throttle. So when disengaging AP, check the calibration as described. Check the position of glideslope (between the two bars on the runway) and Check if throttle is more or less steady. Et voila.

This is incorrect. Trim is implemented as offset in elevator input.

Say what you will, the evidence is right in the link that I provided. Not really sure why you are making this a debate but I’m not surprised based on your previous responses to my posts.


Because I’ve done fuel testing for quite a few aircraft myself, and I have never seen any noticable difference between -100, 0 and 100 trim, not even on the 777 which has trim animation.

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