Correct trim usage

Can someone explain to me how to properly use trim? I usually just set it to 20%but ik thats not correct i never really saw a difference from when i used no trim to now when i use 20%

Honestly, it really depends on both the aircraft, and the pilot’s personal preference. 20% probably works just fine on some aircraft, and works terrible on others. Although there are certain suggested trim settings, ultimately it comes down to how you as the pilot feel most comfortable landing the plane, and having a feel for the aircraft.

Edit - was just about to like the post @RafaelPadilla linked below. It’s an incredibly useful resource. Be sure to check it out


Hey, It makes it easier to take off, climb, cruise and land as it keeps the elevators in a set position without any input…

Maybe this could help: All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (My New Topic, *Version 20.2, Wiki!)


Now read this topic and its a bit hard to remember but thanks!

Yes i was now watching that but its a but hard to remember but thanks

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You can always bookmark the topic and look at it from your profile before a flight, no need to memorize each trim for each load for each aircaft.


Ou ok i now did that thank youuuuu


The way the trim works in IF is just a constant offset on the elevator. You only need it when handflying so you don’t have to point you phone all the way up or down.

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Bar for the B777, no?

In simple terms if your finding your having to keep pulling the nose up use downward trim! If your finding your nose is wanting to keep climbing the use upward trim to counteract that.

You will tend to find that you won’t need to use much trim as 10 - 15% is usually how much I use when flying and will vary with aircraft variants.

You won’t need to do this much unless your really hand flying but that’s just the general basics of how that works for you.


Let’s keep it simple.

The purple bar whether it goes up or down, personally, when taking off, 10%-15%. When landing, i never want to see that purple bar. If you want to butter landings and disengage the autopilot smoothly, you don’t want your aircraft nice and levelled.

Hope this helps

Hope this helps if bar is below centre add positive trim20201126_215934
In this case it needs a lot of positive trim
Also if im not entirely correct a more knowledgeable person will correct me😁

Correct. Trim that baby up till the line has disappeared. Under 1000ft, autopilot off, full flaps, she’s all yours 👌

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I have flown in IF for a long time, but I have not really used trim before the last update. I have figured that it helps upon take off. However, I wonder if you also use trim for landing and if so how much?

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I use 20% through out

Haha yessir

Ok so u would of put positive trim there to make the line disappear?

I would love to know how to disengages A/P smoothly i always usually pitch down or up when i do but also the what u said about the trim was useful thanks

Yea to my knowledge if the purple line is below centre it is indicating the stick being pulled back to maintain current attitude so in my picture I would add positive trim to remove the line so that autopilot isn’t having to hold back pressure to maintain stable flight


If trim is set properly and you calibrate controls before dis-engaging Autopilot it should be fairly smooth