Correct stats weren't added after ending flight

Hello good evening

Just ended a flight and the total flight time was 2h16m but when i ended the flight it only showed 41m and I landed at 2 airports within the correct touchdown zones but it only showed 1 landing at the end and I’m not sure if the amount of XP shown below is correct for a 2h16m flight. I closed the app after i got user disconnected error around 1h45m flight time then reopened the app and continued the flight using the cool flight resume feature, here are the screenshots:

Thanks much appreciated

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Hey there!

Using Flight Resume makes IF think they’re two separate sessions - you’ll see as much if you go to your logbook. This is a limitation of the current iteration of the system, and will likely be improved upon with further improvements to IF.

Your stats are being synced to the server in real time, though, so you needn’t worry - your flight time, landings and XP have been properly recorded to your account, both before and after resuming the flight.


Oh okay thanks for the information