Correct Spoiler Deployment time

hello evryone, Today I m requesting for the correct time for spoiler deployment.
what is that you may ask, For example on a Boeing 777 It has three bogeys, on smooth landings when the first Bogey on the back of the main gear hits the groun but the other 2 bogeys are still in the air the spoilers don’t deploy. The spoilers on an aircraft like the 777,757,767 et. don’t deploy until all bogeys of the gear are flat on the ground.

Interesting, would go great with gear tilt!


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@ORDspotter. MaxSez; Interesesting. The Question is more like a speculation. Timing is not an issue. The Reverser Lever is locked until, . TRAS (Thrust Reverser Acctivation System) is activated by radar altimeter at 5 feet off the ground or a WOW (Weight on Wheels) switch in the rear bogie olios activeate a signal to unlock the Reverser Lever. WOW unlike TRAS is a simple component. TRAS on the other hand is a complexed Electro switching system. Both Thrust Reverser Systems are installed off the shelf on all commercial & GA aircraft reverser equipped. Want the Technical Characteristics for TRAS & WOW try our friend Google.

(Google is your friend Spotter and a few others, suggest you reserch you Topics, rather then continually utilize the Forum as a Crib) Regards.


Actually the reverse thrust unlocking is also a problem, I have seen many times people with a heavy plane hit the ground so hard deploying the reverse thrust and then coming up again… it’s not that realist, also it’s the PIC fault because of deploying reverse thrust too early but I think you understood what I mean… so having either WOW or TRAS system would fix the problem right?


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Back on topic, I’ve personally never noticed this, but I do agree that they deploy too quickly, even on the 737. Usually the 737 has a bit of a Bounce, but with the quick spoilers, you don’t get that. But I don’t really think this is a big issue. Maybe rather a cockpit rework lol.


@Lucas_Dominguez… MaxSez. If you bounce on landing it has nothing nothing to do with spoiler deployment or speed! IF aircraft have simulated WOW!
Accordingly a bounce indicated poor techniques and a “Pilot Error”!

Note the Wkly safety reports where Crew/Pax are injured during Approach/Landing due to instability or improper procedure the line Pays, lts always reported as “Pilot Error”. Want a demonstration, eyeball TS-1 any day of the wk.

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