Correct Reverse Thrust Animations

Here Is A Trivial But Matters To Me Feature Request.
So, After Landing When You Apply Reverse Thrust No matter The Amount You Put (1% or 40% or even 100%) The Thrusters On The Engines fully Open, Now It Seems So Strange To Me So I decided To Request It.
Now, What Should Happen Is They Open depending on How Much “reverse thrust” You Use So If You Use 50%RT The Engines Will Animate The RT In Half Not Fully Like Now

@Matevz_Treven no, In the other Request it was talking About The Thrust Levers Not The Engines From the Outside

Oh okay i see what you mean

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But It still Isn’t, you may think That Cause Both talk about reverse thrust

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Yup just realised thanks!

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It’s absolutely normal, doors always full open no matter the amount of thrust applied. The simple reason? You don’t want to apply forward thrust.

It just bugs Me😉

The amount of reverse thrust isn’t governed by how far the sleeves or doors open but by actual engine thrust.

All doors and sleeves open fully once reverse is selected regardless.

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that’s supposed to happen it closes the back of the engine to reverse it so if you put 1% of power all you are doing is speeding up the engine into reverse thrust. The thrust reversers do not do the reverse on its own, it needs the engine to power it. Even though it does not matter how much thrust you put on the reverses they always open up. The 50% is just how much engine power you put in it. Not how much they open up

There is nothing wrong with the reverse thrust in my eyes.
They even have the weird opening reversers on the CFM A320s