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Just watched a YouTube video of an IFSM flight. After take off Strobe lights were turned off. During flight on map view only map visible. HUD display bar no details of distance to destination or waypoint. Then on standard descent spoilers were deployed.

My questions are:

  1. Should strobes be switched on as you enter runway and kept on until you depart runway on arrival?
  2. How did the pilot determine their TOD if no details showing on either map or HUD display bar?
  3. Is it normal to deploy spoilers in normal flight?

Answer for question 1: As you pass the hold short line and enter the runway strobe lights are turned on, as you exit the runway (pass the hold short line) you switch off your strobe lights. They should also be turned on when crossing a runway.

Answer for question 3: Yes, spoilers are used in-flight and it intentionally reduces lift and slows your aircraft down.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. Someone else might be able to answer your second question!

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You are able to see your speed and altitude on your HUD. If you want the distance, you can switch out of the the displays at the bottom of the screen which has the yoke or something. Simply hold one of them and look around for distance to destination.

It will show you how much distance you have left and you will know when to start a descend.

Another way to see this is to go to maps, are the bottom right or something it says MAP, press that button to activate MAP+Flight plan or something, click it again you will go to a full screen with details. Simply look for something that resembles distance to destination.

Strobes are left on during the cruise. You switch them on when you enter the runway, and off when you have landed and exited. They are LEFT ON during flight.

It’s better if you don’t use the spoilers, however sometimes you have to.

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All of the above are correct.

I made a corrected version of lighting usage on another post, click the pic and it will take you to it.

Thank you all for your input. It confirms I’m pretty much following correct procedures.

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Just remember, DO NOT switch off strobes during flight. I don’t know why the guy you were watching did that…

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