Correct or Incorrect Callsign

I was flying the E170 in United livery on advanced from SAN-LAX. My callsign was Mercury 1214. I think that was right, but wasn’t sure. Was it supposed to be “Mercury 1214” or “United 1214”??

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This is more of a topic for General.

The E-170 is a United Express aircraft so its callsign will not be United it will be whatever company owns the aircraft. So you are saying your E-170 was owned by Shuttle America so the callsign of Mercury would be correct. Shuttle America simply fly their jets for United but Shuttle America still owns the plane.


Seems MERCURY is for Shuttle America who operate some United Express services

But from this list it seems SAN-LAX would be operated by SkyWest Airlines as United Express, and their callsign is SKYWEST

Don’t think it matters who OWNS the aircraft but does matter who the aircraft is on service for.

I remember seeing a vid on UTube showing an Atlas 747 using an Air China call sign on a flight from Alaska as this was who the aircraft and crew where operating for ( on a wet lease I think to Air China). However guess there are many different rules depending on who owns the aircraft and who they are performing the service for.

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All those regional jets are dry-leased, so Mercury was the correct callsign in your case.

Here’s a Shuttle America flight I’ve just found on Flighradar24:

As you can see it’s using its own callsign (“TCF” instead of “UAL”).

I’m flying on a United Express flight tomorrow using callsign “Acey”.

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