Correct "Minimums" height?

What height is the “Minimums” callout normally called out? I have it set to 300’. A(ctually 325’ so it doesn’t interfere with the 300’ call out already in place.) Either way it sounds high. Any real pilots or anyone know. What’s the correct height?

Are you using @epaga’s app?


Assuming you’re looking for real world minimum specs?

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The minimums callout is made at the minimum altitude, and this is the point that the Pilot has to make a decision to continue or go around.


@DipperDolphin is correct.

If you want to determine your minimums or “decision height (DH),” you have to refer to an IAP chart. On that chart, it does show your decision height (shown below).

As highlighted in red, this is where your decision height is located. Since your are doing the ILS approach, you always want to look in this section (S-ILS XX). Your decision height would be 304 ft MSL or 200 ft AGL. Now, this is the case for a normal ILS approach (CAT I). CAT III ILS approaches don’t have a decision height since they help you get all the way to the ground unlike CAT I.

In laymen’s terms, you would just enter 304 ft as your minimums altitude if you were doing the ILS approach for 25L. Hope this helps. :)

*note: I’m not a real world pilot. This information is based purely off research.


Figured it was based on a chart. I’m not looking up charts for every place I fly too. Was kinda hoping there was a generic height.


I know what it is. Was just looking for a generic number. Rather that be 200’ or 300’ or somewhere in between.

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Well if you’re looking for a generic altitude, anywhere between 200 and 500ft AGL would be fine.


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