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Hey everyone, recently I’ve been trying to find a website or an app to assist me in choosing the correct gates for airline, aircraft, regional vs domestic, international, and departure vs arrival gates for some added realism. However, I have had no luck. I was wondering if anyone on the forums would have any useful information about an app or a website which is why I am here.

The reason in asking as I don’t want to be the person taxiing an Alitalia A319 out of an international cargo terminal or any Other incorrect airline to aircraft for that matter.

Any useful information is much-appreciated thanks! Also, I hope everyone has a happy new year!

5 Likes can he really helpful for finding your gate. You plug in your route and it will tell you most of the times what gate the plane has left from.

I use flightaware for all my flights, unfortunately though it seems as that it’s not always reliable for finding gates as sometimes it doesn’t display the gates at all. :/

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Yes this may be true, but I seem to find it the most helpful resource for finding your gate.

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I use Flightradar24, I just see the callsign that did that flight, use the playback button, zoom in, and try my best to locate it in IF!


Some times when I cant find it with FR24 I just try my best to guess.

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I use Liveflight to find gates. I think you need a Horizon subcription to see airport charts.

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Flightradar24 (more exactly the function to replay previous flights) or the airport´s web page do the job most of the time (eventhough coverage of Flightradar24 isn’t always the best on the ground).

New part highlight as the FR24 part was already covered above.

I personally just google the flight, most of them time google has the gate location if the flight has already landed.

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To be honest, check out the airport’s website! Each airport has a website, where I formation, such as a terminal map and airline location. Example, see if you can find anything at O’Hare’s website :

hint : check the interactive map. Don’t go to Midway

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I use flight aware. If it doesn’t give me a gate, I’ll often times see which terminal the airline operates out of. I’ve also just done a google search looking up like “Delta at Honolulu airport” and see if there’s a picture with a gate in the background.

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