Correct C-130H cockpit

Yes, although it is likely that there has been a couple Hercs with in-flight beta, not too many do have it. The reason I point this out is as it may be existant on a rare modified test model of the airplane, but hardly on any of the other models such as all the models in-game. The in-flight beta file from the Hercs needs to be put into the C-17 as they have it in real life,

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Jet engines don’t have a beta range ;) the beta range has to do with the propeller pitch!

That being said, I think most C-130 can do that. (Could be wrong here).

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Older C-130s can also go through a cockpit modernization. I think thats where FDS’ train of thought went when designing the H variant of the C-130.

“Boeing is excited to see this upgrade become a reality for America’s armed forces,” said Mahesh Reddy, Boeing C-130 AMP program director. “C-130 AMP will standardize the C-130H fleet and reduce annual ownership cost while offering the crews more situational awareness to perform their missions.”

That being said, having older style cockpits would be nice and would add some great diversity to the sim. I love the contrast between the 747-400 vs the -200.

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I know that jet engines don’t have a beta range but I was just stating it more in the app file sense of how you could possibly just put the files that create the motion of slowing down in the C-130s into the C-17s. Take care!

Wow I wasn’t aware that FAF went to a glass cockpit on their C-130H’s, I learned something new today :) Do the FAF C-130H’s have a HUD like the C-130J? Also does the cockpit look similar to the 130J?

I’m only familiar with C-130H’s in the USAF. I’ve been in the cockpit of both a regular
C-130H & an MC-130 (H model). Both H’s have cockpits that look like the above pic.

Different operators of the H model might make minor modifications to their cockpits
To meet their needs but the basic layout looks like the above pic.

I was puzzled by the whole reverse thrust in flight deal as well. It didn’t seem right but I wasn’t 100% sure as I don’t know any herc pilots nor am I one.

Thanks for clarifying this. Given your dad has flown KC-130s I completely take your word on this mid air reverse thrust deal being inaccurate lol. Learned something new :)

It would be great if they remove that midair reverse thrust feature when they update the C-130H cockpit. Beyond these 2 issues, I have no complaints as the C-130 is a ton of fun in IF.

Has your dad had a chance to fly the C-130 in IF and give you his opinion? I really wonder how the IF versions compare to the real equivalents.

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Me too! I believe you on cockpit modernization with H models in USAF. I don’t think it’s fleet wide tho (as mentioned above the regular 130 and MC-130 both H models I’ve been in didn’t have a glass cockpit).

Given the J is the way of the future for USAF, it’s understandable why they decided not to modernize the entire fleet

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Chatting to a friend who’s a former Trash Hauler (C-130) instructor he confirmed that reverse thrust was available when airborne however no procedures were there for it’s use outside of the simulator. It was used in the simulator to practice extreme short field landings!

If I recall correctly, as will those old enough to remember the Iran hostage affair, the USA experimented with rocket assisted take-off and landing with the C-130. The idea was to land and takeoff from a football field in the centre of Tehran in order to rescue the embassy hostages.

During practice the C-130 used in-flight prop reverse to maximise the rate of descent and the approach angle before firing the retardation rockets. Unfortunately the rockets were fired slightly too early leading to an extremely heavy landing and the loss of the aircraft.

So, it can be done, however, it shouldn’t be done. As with so many other military ‘options’ ;)

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I will tell him the general idea of how IF works and I’ll let you know what he has to say!

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Good job sir I think most of the c-130 people that have been around then noticed.

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Thanks. I just want to accurately represent these airplanes.

I have no doubt That FDS can put in the right cockpit. They did a great job with the 747 series: the -200 series to include VC-25 AKA Air Force One all have the correct 747-200 cockpit. The 747-400 & 800 series also have the correct cockpit.

The DC-10 cockpit in IF is another issue. In real life, the KC-10 DOES NOT have the same cockpit as the DC-10: the KC-10 cockpit is a lot more analogue. I’ve been the KC-10 cockpit several times so I’d know.

Also, the KC-10 has airline pilot figures in the cockpit: this is a military aircraft flown by the US Air Force and Dutch Air Force. The figures in the cockpit should be dressed like the military pilots who fly them in real life. FDS got it right for the C-130 pilot figures so I know they can do it right for the KC-10 pilot figures.

Not trying To be a hard ass but I’m about getting the details right. I hope the C-130H and KC-10 in IF get the above mentioned fixes.

Now that IF has refueling capabilities, it would be awesome to have the KC-130 as well to refuel military aircraft!

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I completely agree with that!

Anything that makes IF more realistic is a YES to me!


The yoke looks like a MD made plane:)

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Community please consider voting for the C-130H getting the correct cockpit in the next IF update. Thanks.

Definitely need the center seat!

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You could vote for it here Sir!