Correct C-130H cockpit


The C-130H in IF currently features the J model cockpit which is incorrect. Attached is a picture of what an H model cockpit looks like in real life. I’m a C-130 fan & notice the difference. I’m sure a few of you do too.

If the C-130H can be updated with the correct cockpit that would be awesome. Feel free to comment!

Anything that makes IF more realistic is a yes from me. Voted!


Thanks. Not trying to be difficult I know FDS has lots going on with global, etc. But realism is one of the big reasons I love IF & this would be a great update.

I’ve been in both an H & J model cockpit IRL: they certainly are different and both cool in their own way (I love steam gauges lol).


If they’ll have time which I doubt ;) they could indeed add this after Global.


I think there was a possible glass cockpit upgrade for C130Hs. That’s why this is a glass cockpit in Infinite Flight, I assume.

(Note: I could be wrong though).


I have voted. I’m not quite familiar with either real life or I.F. C130s but I probably would expect the cockpit shown here to be much more splendid, as some cockpits in I.F. have a lack of detail. Not all, but some. More cockpits should be like the 772F model- computerized and sophisticated. Although not all planes are like that so some exceptions. But, I love the cockpit, @beachboy0910

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@beachboy0910… MaxSez: Good catch, Know both the H & J models well, I got a lot of hours with VMGR-252.

(IF need to upgrade the gunship as well. The KC-130J’s of 252 are presently in development of a slide in Super Cobra Gun/Missile system module. Wing pylons will include Mer/Ter attachment for Hellfire/Griffin missiles, smart bombs and 20mm Gatlings. A NOD’s will be slaved from the radar dome to the cmdcntr of the module.)


Thanks. I love the C-130 and the MC-130 is my favorite but sadly not featured in IF :(
The KC-130 ought to be added as well.

That’s awesome that you’ve worked with VMGR-252. Thanks for your service! I was in the USAF & wanted to fly MC-130’s but unfortunately couldn’t go to pilot training.

Are the planned weapons updates for the KC-130 part of the Harvest Hawk project?

Btw I’m a big fan of the AH-1Z viper, favorite attack helo :)

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@beachboy0910… Harvest Hawk, ya got it. This will add real punch to the Marine Air/Ground Warfare Concept. Max


None that I know of. USAF operates the most up to date C-130’s & to my knowledge all the H cockpits look like the pic for the most part. They’re might be some minor differences depending on when the H model aircraft was manufactured & mission (air mobility, special operations, etc)

The cockpit in the C-130J is correct as the J was a major update following the H model. The J model cockpit in IF is the nicest I’ve seen IMHO. Everything looks very nice with anti aliasing on, writing on overhead panel is legible, and it’s the only cockpit in IF that features 2 pilot figures.

The issue is the C-130H cockpit in IF: its identical to the J model cockpit and that’s simply incorrect.

Best comparison in IF is 747-200 vs 747-800. Same basic aircraft but very different models and very different cockpits. However the cockpits were built correctly for 200 & 400.


I agree that it would be good for the Marines to have their own organic capability especially when kicking off an amphibious invasion. USAF AC-130s can always assist.

Did the Marines ever consider arming the V-22 for stand off attack?

@beachboy0910… MaxSez: The Ospreys is in the mix for the Harvest Hawk Upgade. Marines are extremely familure with “Gun Ships” staring with “Puff the Magic Dragon” an Air Force C-47 in the early 60’'s. With the inception of combined operations in the 80’s USAF Gun Ships aircraft to include the 130 are on call in support of today’s Combined Operations, Iraq and Afghan are prime examples. Today with the return of independent MAGTF propositioned and in the future Marines will require an organic Heavy gunship capability, thus Harvest Hawk.


Okay, thank you for telling me that. I haven’t used any C130s yet but I
have seen footage before.

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You gotta try it. IMHO, the C-130 is the top aircraft in IF quality wise.

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Voted! My grandpa flew the Hercules variant for 30 years with the Coast Guard. Would love to see this!


I might purchase as my next aircraft. Either that or when the DC10/MD11 release is out I will do that.

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Just called a friend in the FAF, he flies the C160 but used to be rated on our C-130H. They were all upgraded to a full glass-cockpit in 2005. As of today, every C-130 in the french fleet has a glass cockpit and Thalès avionics.

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Oh yes, noticed this mistake the day it was released. The J models have all the computer screens and advanced systems while the classic instrument panel should be in the H. Another statement, the C-130’s have reverse thrust while in flight? I had never heard of this being existent and when I asked my father, an experienced pilot with over 5,000 hours in many different variants from air to air refueling with the marine corps in KC-130J’s, to cargo transportation in the Royal Canadian Air Force with E’s, H’s and J’s, he said the Hercs do not have in flight reverse thrust like basically all other prop aircraft. I am wondering if anyone else has clued into this issue or it is possibly a issue only on my device? Take care.

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Was the C-130 designed to allow for in-flight beta range activation? No. Can it be done? Yes. And more importantly, has it be done? Definitely.

Most turboprops can’t do that though. It would lead to severe structural damage (wings, engine pylons…). Perhaps, @Yuan_Tugo could be more precise than me on this one.